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Nobody had to buy the gold grants, and many of us didn't. But the individual can't control what others do, and inflation affects everyone regardless.

I did not and will not participate.
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Ridley Starsmore
I would of taken you seriously if OP wasn't a site moderator.

LOL really? Common you can't convince people that way, that's not how it works.
Actually, her position has very little to do with her opinion.

Trust me, working for Gaia doesn't mean everything is black and white. It's the same as with anyone else.

That's kinda funny considering. rolleyes

Yes both parties are to blame, but I see it more like 70-30.

There wouldn't be a want for drugs if they weren't supplied in the first place. That's how it seems to me.
Oh trust me. I'm getting what you are saying. Past 48 hours have had a very verbal Bunneh. As well as other staff and members. On both sides of the issue. I can't go into it, you understand.

But know that no matter the opinion, THEY ARE LISTENING. Even if it seems otherwise.
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I blame users just as much as I blame Gaia

But noooooo one wants to put the blame on themselves for being the cause of something, so they all just blame Gaia.

Nooo, it's your fault for tempting me, Gaia!

pfft. b***h, it's your own fault for being tempted and buying that crap, in the second place!

I hate this response when other people say it, but I think it applies, now, for this situation

"They're not forcing you to buy anything"
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I think that when people lay blame, they typically lay it on the original source of the problem. Inflation is a direct result of users increasing the prices on their items; users increasing the prices on their items is a direct result of Gaia releasing Flynn's Booty. Presumably no one was forced into buying this item from Gaia, but people did this of their own choosing. People choosing to buy Flynn's Booty is a direct result of people having the option to buy Flynn's Booty, people having the option to buy Flynn's Booty is a direct result of Gaia selling Flynn's Booty. It all leads back to Gaia in the end no matter how you look at it.

I don't think this is an issue where the blame is divisible into two separate groups. It seems to me that if you were to make a graph to show the distribution of blame, using say the color red to signify Gaia being at fault and dots to signify users being at fault, the entire graph would be red, and a smaller portion would also have dots. There would be no segment with dots and no red. Yeah?
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No it's all gaia's fault. they added in an item that generated gold, resulting in there not being enough items to supply all this extra gold. They pretty much drastically increased the demand on every single item in the MP.

You can't just give users the offer to get super rich easily and not expect people to take advantage of it. the fact that they would put such an item as flynn's booty in without researching or caring is entirely their fault.
Gaia can out something out, but if no one buys into it, then it gets pulled

people bought what gaia was selling. They ponied up the cash. Gaia didn't force them to, so the blame is also on the users for wanting that instant gratification and all the best shinies and falling victim to the greedy human nature that they're already ruled by
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I think it's nobody's faults, everything is just the way they suppose to be at this moment... Buyers' are right, sellers' are okay, Gaia is doing the things they want to achieve, complains just keep coming all the time, praises arise everywhere, All is well.

xd [/quote
I just can't get enough of this guy's kindness and optimism
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In part, I think people are paying those prices because they're scared they'll go even higher, and they'll miss out.
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In part, I think people are paying those prices because they're scared they'll go even higher, and they'll miss out.

Yes, exactly <3

With the opening of each Flynn's chest your gold is comparatively worth less. The longer you wait to buy, the less you can buy later with the same amount of gold.

Also look at the reason people buy Flynns. Is it to get gold? Not really. It's to buy things with that gold. Doesn't matter if it's items or art, everything is inflating, Art auctions are getting snapped up and auto bought.
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I have to say that I mostly agree with OP. I mean, though I honestly don't really feel the benefit of pointing the finger of blame, I would consider that part of the issue is the actions of users. I mean, if they didn't have the opportunity, clearly they couldn't have taken those actions, but there were still other options available.

If people chose not to spend on Flynn (or spend her after Gaia sort of went back on their word about only having it available for a short amount of time), then Gaia wouldn't keep putting it out. If people chose not to purchase things at such inflated prices, the prices wouldn't stay that high- it's a buyer's market really, which people seem to forget.

As a seller, I can price my items at whatever price I want, but unless people buy them, there's no gain to me.

I can certainly understand people being scared that their gold is so devalued that they won't be able to actually afford anything and that prices will go up, though it's partially that panic which is fuelling the increased prices.

If you were a user who didn't have a method of making gold outside of the box (so only ZOMG, BG etc), I think it would be quite scary. Of course, for those people, there are lots of ways of making gold outside of the box! Even without any skills, you don't have to be confined to 100k a day.

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I see your reasoning behind it if we were talking about the first release of Flynn's Booty, but for Gaia to see what it did to the economy the first time, and to re-release it? No. Sorry, but no.
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Some of us are to blame, I spend millions trying to inflate the ORLY Hat, I have literally bought dozens of them. A lot of what Gaia pulls on us is because of our doing.
Ah, this is a thread I'm quite pleased to see. There has been so much blame and attacking that I feel so completely pained for the site I love so much and have been on for so long. This is probably the one place that despite my coming and going all over the internet, will be someplace that I always return to.

The blame shifting has indeed been a tad ridiculous, because it doesn't really matter what Gaia brings out, especially cash-wise, because it's us that make the cost of everything. What we buy, what we want, all of it. We can rage about Flynn's chest and her booty, but would it matter if no one bought it? It's the choice of whether or not to purchase anything, and personally for myself, I love being able to spend money on Gaia. I have every paycheck because I want to help this site as much as I enjoy the items they put up. I know it's not the same for everyone, never the same experience or circumstances, and I can see how people would rage and grow upset, but that seems to happen no matter what goes on at Gaia. They can never please everyone.

Honestly I say that it's no ones fault. I've been watching the same arguments, same attacks, and same angry ranting for years and years now, and always I wonder the need for any of it. It's always been this continuous cycle. People ask more of Gaia. More items, more games, more events, always more. Yet turn around and attack those same people they demand more of when something they're not satisfied with or deem unfair in any way happens to come up. Gaia has long since continued to grow from when it began, having to cater to more and more people who swarm into the website, and they've never once even asked for a thank you. They're such wonderful people too.

As I said, I find it to be no ones fault, the inflation as well. It's really just supply and demand. As it is with everything. I completely agree with the original post on this website regarding purchasing, regarding items. The creators of this site are only human, the people who log into this site are only human. I really just would like everyone to take a breath and relax though.
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      I agree with you, mostly.
      When a new item is released and considered to be "rare" it's instantly in the millions. Gaia the company did not do that. They released the item as rare and it's up to the users to set the price. (Speaking of Chance Items/RIGs at this moment) .... However, I feel that Gaia is to blame in some ways as well because they continue to release more and more irl Cash items. When someone is going to be paying $20 - $100 of their real life money for something virtual then they are going to want to get their Gaia Gold worth. Gaia's Inflation problem was created, imo, when the Cash Shop began to sell items that cost more than 250GC

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