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The flaw in your logic is that GAIA PUT ALL THIS EXTRA ******** GOLD INTO THE SYSTEM.

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I've been saying this about inflation for a few years now. The majority of users just can't see it.
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Its kind of a "agh gaia look what you made us do to ourselves" situation lol.
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yes it's our fault that gaia's new business strategy is to take advantage of human nature.

thank you for your post. i've learned quite a lot
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OP is absolutely right. Flynn's Booty is a perfect example of the prisoner's dillemma. Ideally if all Gaians didn't buy FB, there would be no inflation and no problem. But if just one person buys it, he becomes rich and will be able to afford what he wants. This is something all Gaians want, so many people buy FB which results in a lot of inflation and in the end unhappy Gaians. The least wanted outcome happens because people want to be rich quick.

That said, I do primarily put the blame for putting Gaians in this position. They could've easily predicted this would happen and they do hold the responsibility as creators of this site. So yes, Gaians are also to blame, but this wouldn't have happened if Gaia hadn't released FB.
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User ImageYou're not really saying anything that isn't true. But, I don't think it's right to look at the general population as though it were a person that makes choices. People are always going to behave like people, so saying that Gaians are to blame for paying high prices in an inflated economy is like saying a piece of wood is to blame for burning when thrown in a fire.
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I actually made a topic on this in Site Feedback yesterday. A bunch of people voted on it (mostly down), but nobody said a word in response to it.

To paraphrase:

I'm pretty sure that supply on a whole hasn't plummeted and demand on a whole also hasn't skyrocketed (if I'm wrong to the tune of something like thousands more users can suddenly afford the most expensive item on the MP), please correct me.

That said:

The prices have been pushed artificially high (think real life diamonds) because people know that with all the extra Gold going around, people will have more to spend and so they increase prices. Items are also hoarded away for later taking them out of circulation and affecting visible supply.

People, with more Gold to spend, are able to and do buy into the artificially inflated prices.

Everything feeds into the other.

Unlike in the real world where earning less per transaction directly affects something like how much money you might have for groceries and rent (like if you're a small business owner and rely entirely on your business for your income), on Gaia, there is no comparison because there is nothing at stake - only pure profit for virtual pixels and virtual currency and a notion of item rarity and related desirability.

That said, profit is one thing; absurd amounts of profit is, in my unpopular opinion, greed.

Prices inflate not just because of how much Gold is in circulation but also the desires of people to earn as much profit as they can.

If people will pay, then why not charge them as much as possible?

Funny that people complain about this with Gaia the company trying to milk their userbase for as much Cash as possible when there are plenty of Vendors who would do and are doing the same... but with Gold instead.

They don't have to hyperinflate the prices, but they do anyways.

And people don't have to buy into these hyperinflated prices, but they do anyways, too, because they now have more Gold and can afford the hyperinflated prices.

Gaia doesn't set the prices on anything being resold into the MP unless it's through Flynn's Plunder; the userbase ultimately sets it.

Completely blaming Gaia is, to me, illogical; it's like blaming casinos for the subsequent bankruptcy of the players who frequent it.

Nobody made anyone walk into the casino and gamble their life away.

In the same way, nobody made anybody take advantage of the surplus of Gold by either charging astronomically high prices or buying into these said astronomically high prices.

People like earning profit and people like keeping up with the trends and getting the items that they want.

There's more to it involving the reselling of specific items like Flynn's Booty and Flynn's Chest and the reselling of Cash items in general, but those are my thoughts for now.
yeah our well organized council of elders that hold sessions daily really shat the bed on this one
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Absolutely right 3nodding

Same thing applies to those saying the cash prices are too high. The standard has been set because people have proven they will continue to pay those prices.
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No it's all gaia's fault. they added in an item that generated gold, resulting in there not being enough items to supply all this extra gold. They pretty much drastically increased the demand on every single item in the MP.

You can't just give users the offer to get super rich easily and not expect people to take advantage of it. the fact that they would put such an item as flynn's booty in without researching or caring is entirely their fault.
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people are willing to pay more because getting gold is as easy as buying a magical chest

not that i don't agree with you to some extent--if people didn't buy these things they probably wouldn't have been released time and time again

also when it comes to buying art with gold that's been affected by inflation, too.
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I would of taken you seriously if OP wasn't a site moderator.

LOL really? Common you can't convince people that way, that's not how it works.
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nope. no flynn for me. nor any cash stuff tbh........ i get all my stuff with gold. and this inflation definitively hit me hard.I dont even know what do I do with 100k gold anymore. it just doesnt seem to be .....worth of anything =S
and so.... I dont feel the excitement of building gold anymore, because I just feel like I can't get the things I want anymore.

So I just randomly come for a few posts then leave... starting to phase out gradually. pity.
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By giving people mass amounts of gold they are more ready to spend it. This wouldn't have been a problem if the people who got the gold were either a. not so impatient or b. knew how the MP worked. I know a lot of people who used Flynn, got gold, and bought everything they wanted off of MP regardless of the price. This was the downfall of the situation.
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Well said, my friend, well said. But it's not only the users setting the prices in the marketplace. You have the users that are buying Flynn's Booty and playing/selling it. They keep buying it from the CS and as long as users are buying it, Gaia's gonna continue to put it up for sale.

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