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Oh man, I haven't used or seen the map in a long time. This thread just inspired me to take a look at it again. They should definitely use it more.
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I actually hate the world map. That thing is annoying as *beep* to navigate. The only good thing is does now is tell you Gaia's (the imaginary world Gaians live on) time.

Do you use or used to use the World Map?
Used it to get to gold mountain, when gold mountain used to exist.
I do remember a few times where you got stuff for finding NPCs on the map during events. Used it for that too. Also made me realize how much I hate the thing.

Do you think it should be incorporated alittle more into site events and story updates?
Not events. But yes story updates. Ignoring it is like not updating globes whenever country's borders change. Apparently transportation on Gaia is covered by teleportation technology no Gaian can see. That's map's so outdated I can't imagine any of us wee little Gaian's know how to get to anywhere we want to go. gonk

What other features that have been used in past site events would you liked to see incorporated more?
Nothing I can think of and nothing I can think of that Gaia, it's staff, wouldn't absolutely screw up.

Bonus Question: Do you like tacos?
Yes, yes I do. emotion_c8
Wait, since when did we have E Corp on the world map?! eek
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I feel as if I haven't used the Gaia World Map in ages! In old school Gaia, I used the world map frequently, especially whenever I'm going fishing and during events. The best moments I've known in the world map was during the Xmas event when Jack hit Santa hard enough to send him crashing into the Linklist. When I came back from hiatus, I had completely forgotten about the fun things in the World Map that I barely visited it anymore, except when going for a little fishing.

Uncle PP Pennybags-Wright
yum_donut Bonus Question: Do you like tacos? (I'm hungry right now ' w')

I do but it depends on what's used to make the taco.
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I used to use it! Back when ATA still existed
Yes I think it should be incorporated more!

I like soft shell tacos
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Wait, since when did we have E Corp on the world map?! eek
User Image

That's..................very new........ eek

I like the map. Every once and a while I'll still use it for the sake of nostalgia.
Wait, since when did we have E Corp on the world map?! eek
User Image

That's..................very new........ eek


Holy turds! I wonder if that means there are more plans to work with it?
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User Image
I used the World Map a lot in my very early Gaia days. I'm sad that it's no longer highlighted as a main feature.
I would very much like to see it incorporated more into events, story updates, and even just regular browsing.

It's such a cute and unique idea. I hate to see it going to waste!
Ironically enough, the cleaning up and organization of the website has pretty much invalidated the use of the world map. At one point, if you wanted to trade something or go fishing, you needed to use the world map to get to Gambino Island or the lake to do so. Now, with everything quick and accessible in the header, the world map is just an afterthought.

Heck, I don't think you can even visit most of the shops through the world map.

The world map is desperately in need of an update, but even more than that, it is in need of a purpose. Perhaps something relating to zOMG, or Towns 2? Whatever it is, if there isn't a reason for people to go there, then in most cases people simply don't. sweatdrop

Wait, since when did we have E Corp on the world map?! eek

That's..................very new........ eek


Holy turds! I wonder if that means there are more plans to work with it?

This last Halloween (2k13) was a Jack vs Easter Bunny event. E-Corp was set up south of Aekea, and they launched a missile from there that ultimately destroyed Halloweentown. T'was a fun event. 3nodding
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I did use the world map when I was a newbie. I used it to know where the towns are and stuff. Unfortunately, I did not experience using it during events.

Yes! It should be incorporated into story updates. It should be updated too with new places like Dref Dur, etc.

I loove tacos smile

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I miss using the map. ):
Back when we had to find jack on the map to get candy for the Halloween event(s).
Good times. Good times.
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I liked how what happened in the plot would be reflected in the world map. the tower, the cities, explosions, things like that lol.
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I don't really use it anymore just because it is cumbersome, but I do love the map. I wish Gaia would update & make it a competitive form of navigation. It just made Gaia feel more like a world than a forum & I very much loved when it was used for events. Still remember the Tower of Gambino falling, it was such a major event & the fact that it changed the map was important.

Also, tacos are super delish.
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Valiant Hero

Man, navigation through the map-- that was ages ago. I don't do that anymore.
Nowadays, if I use the map it's to see what time it is in GST. For making small change.

Yes, the map does need a revamp though. Well, if it gets incorporated and used more then yeah. Don't wanna use a crusty old map (as much as we love it) for new stuff probably.
Well, they did use the map for the missile last year during Halloween so.... hmm.

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