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Are gangs ruining gaia?

Yes 0.2621359223301 26.2% [ 27 ]
No 0.7378640776699 73.8% [ 76 ]
Total Votes:[ 103 ]
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Has any one else besides me noticed the increase of gang activity in rally or towns lately? these occur mainly during the night on those games and seems to result in them going around harassing gaians and asking for supporters.
I thought this forum was originally called go gaia not go ghetto, thank you for your time.

Gangs do exist in real life. Whose to say that even these kind of people don't play Gaia? It's funny. I've read a biography on an actual LA gang member. People associated with gangs are in them real deep, literally being loyal to their gang "for life". It's no wonder why when they come to Gaia, they express their beliefs, even here.
I never go onto Towns, but if I don't see much gang activity in the forums then I'm going to assume it's not that bad. People like to roleplay a lot, and roleplay is not only constricted to fantasy-based activities.
I blame Bob Johnson.That b*****d and his television! scream

I wouldnt be too worried or worried at all about gangs on Gaia.

It's the computer geeks that you have to watch. ninja
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I see your point guys i guess its just im not used to seeing these things on gaia thank you for leaving your opinions mrgreen
I never "hang out" at towns. Fo shizzle dizzle.

Now that you insinuate ghetto nerds causing crimez.

I am inclined to "check it out yo".
Lol @ gang bang
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I haven't had any run-ins with Gaia Gangsters besides the ones that post here but I have heard the stories.

Why can't these losers just turn off their computers and smoke their pot like good little hoodlums?

It's pretty irritating that they're such cowards that they have to get online to attack people they don't even know just so they don't get their faces punched in.

People like them die horrible, fiery deaths.
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It was kind of funny im minding my own buisness next thing i know im surrounded by avatars weilding bats flaming me in rally. mrgreen
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Mah, I never go in rally, so I don't even get this so-called "gang bang". Besides, I deal with enough of this stuff in real life. gonk
There was this thread a long while ago where these "gang bangers", posted s**t about another gang.
Well that "gang member" came and they started fighting.
Other Gaians were like if your really gansta get off the net!
Guess they really p***y after all.[/post]
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Lets have a change of pace!!! lets all post our funny gang stories rofl
    Gaian gangbangers? That's almost too pathetic for me to comprehend. I wasn't aware because I avoid Towns and the like, but I suppose the amount of ghetto-dressed newblet avatars should have clued me in.

    I'm both highly amused and depressed by this. Poor humanity. gonk
User Imagethis is owlford

its all good
in da hood!

XD lulz i just got a shirt that said that,

but anyways i dont go into towns, and if i do, i go into the areas with a population of zero. so i dont have to worry about those gansters.

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