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Every year Gaia had brought us some great Chinese zodiac items and this year will be the year of the snake. So for those people like myself who was born in this year what do you think the item(s) will be.
I hope it they bring out a dress with scales on it, a hat, a little snake companion, or something even cooler. Well what ever it is I hope it will be great to wear all year round.
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I think they released a cash shop bundle last year for the Lunar New Year, so maybe they'll do the same this year?
I'm still kind of disappointed that gaia didn't do anything for the actual new year's eve/new year's day sad I hope they do something nice for the year of the snake.
Snake items but with an oriental twist.

A Lunar Snake Bundle
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Quite fond of snakes, so that would be nice with some more snake items
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I'm waiting for it! I hope it's green and silver, so it can double as Slytherin regalia. biggrin

...The actual Chinese New Year isn't until the 10th of February tho, so we might have a while to wait.
I would love to see a cute snake companion.
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More Snake items would be great!
I'm really fond of snakes, but very few of the snake-themed items we have appeal to me.

Seconding the green and silver theme, too.
That'd be neat. yum_puddi
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I hope whatever they make this year is freaking awesome
as hell. Considering I am a snake.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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I really hope we get a Lunar New Year Snake Bundle too~! cat_blaugh

Although, the colors of the Snake is red, pale yellow, and black... cat_rolleyes ...So, I don't think we'll get silver and green cat_sweatdrop

I just hope we get a Chinese New Year gold shop update with lots of lantern items too~! cat_4laugh
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That would fulfill my dreams. Can't wait to see what will happen.
Although my wardrobe is mainly black and white, snakes are quite nice as well.
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I will love a good snake companion. One that could layer well with some avatar combo's I have. heart
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Hoping for some red-black-yellow snake colors.
It's more regal, and matching to the "Chinese image" in my opinion. I think green and silver/grey wouldn't be fair to the snakes because its like having to share your gift. Take something for one person, and make it for two!
Though we could use more green on the site, I feel like the artists would pick a super-emeraldy-green or a bright'n'ugly green.

It's hard to go away with red and yellow.

Plus, Mushu!
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Thlicky needs to get his butt in gear SF and start requesting. He hasn't kept up with that.

White thnakes... greeen thnakes

thnakes thnakes thnakes
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Thlicky needs to get his butt in gear SF and start requesting. He hasn't kept up with that.

White thnakes... greeen thnakes

thnakes thnakes thnakes

Is this some character thing, the slurr?
Because I distinctly remember a user who did that a couple years ago.

Had a nice big wig, some pair of buck-teeth and went by the name of "Thuper f*****t"
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Oh, it's the snake this year? Didn't realize that. Fingers crossed for a good item then since that's my animal on the Chinese zodiac and I really dislike the old year of the snake item. Hopefully we get a cool update to make up for the lack of a New Year update. Not really sure what kind of item I'd like. Maybe something with some Chinese armor poses?

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