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12 when I joined, 20 now.
8 out of 20 years spent here.
That's 40% of my life.
Gaia has taken up 40% of my life.
What the ********, Gaia?
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I was probably 15/16 idk even know I am 22 and never get on now
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Muscular Snowflake

I think I was ... 19 or so when I first joined, I was so in anime and manga back then xd

I love how the site's changed and evolved. I remember taking a hiatus for a couple of years and came back to evolving items, which I totally didn't know how they worked! Took me a while to figure them out xd

When I joined there used to be a "Chatterbox Bar" which was public, then got made into Mods only and then got ditched completely in the end.... I remember the CB going from bars and cafes to sexual themed threads over time sweatdrop
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I was 19 when I joined and I'm 27 now. I feel so old. gonk
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Wheezing Gekko

The first time that I joined Gaia, I was 15/16. I'm 22 now, lol. gonk
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Moonlight Girl

I was 14 when I joined Gaia and now I'm 23. Blimey! How time flies by.

Well, let's see, I would say my typing skills have drastically changed. Back when I joined Gaia I was typing in chat speech because I thought it was ''cool'' and my gosh I was so wrong. I was soon flamed in my welcome post and told to type properly. I'm ashamed because I can type properly, I just thought it was cool, which it isn't, but I thought so at the time. It's fine now because I have changed. But even so I can't help but still feel embarrassed about how I used to be.
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User Image King Blackwater:

22 now, Glad its changed you can actually earn decent gold these days and security is much better though this topic is very overdone.
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I joined in 2004 when I was 14
and a lot has changed believe me
both on Gaia and in the real world
I mean I'm married for one
when I joined I didn't even have a boyfriend
or have a guy who was remotely interested in me

I remember back in the day when polls were where it was at
and there were tons of guilds where polls in a post were necessary
and then they changed it and people cried and flipped out
I also remember the first layout change when the background changed from blue to white
everybody complained that it hurt their eyes and they hated it and then we dealt
ah it's fun to look back at all the old layouts we use to have *3*
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I was 14/15 when I joined in '04, I'm 23 now.
A lot of users on Gaia now are in their 20's & 30's, since many of us joined when we were preteens & teens, we grew up on the site in a way! I think it's cool that some of us still remain on the site even as we get older. emotion_bigheart
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I joined when I was 13 surprised
Now I am 20 and still loving Gaia and looking forward to MC's, CI, and RIG's. lol
I have seen a lot of change and enjoyed all of it and still looking forward to the future of Gaia.
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I just rejoined about a day or two ago myself. I first joined in 2005, 7 years ago. Still can't believe it's been that long. I was 14 at the time and I am now 22 years old.

I remember when about 9 times out of 10 if you tried to post you'd get an error message. So, you had to copy everything you wrote or you'd lose it. 4laugh It became a habit for me for a little while to copy everything from everywhere.
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Around 17 when I Joined back in 2004. Now I'm 25... and wasted so much money on monthlys and Gcash items that I don't want to leave the site cause of the time and money investment I put into the site. Hell, I remember ZOMG beta coming out and I was volunteering in Biloxi Mississippi, using the old computers in a stadium to get online and play with my best bud from highschool years (meaning ZOMG came out when I was 20/21). Really I wasn't supposed to stay on one of those computers as long as I did but I put up a warning sign a week before warning people. And squatted that computer that night till ZOMG servers opened. I mean, one person came up and told me my time was up and I gave him the death glare, pointed out the sign, he tried to argue, yadda yadda, someone saw and mediated that he can wait to use the other computer since I gave everyone plenty of warning. I love causing hate and discontent smile
Gah, only thing about gaia is that it killed my roleplay spirit and was a money suck. But hey, 8 years invested and I'm still here... gnuts....
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13 when i joined in 08. 17 now.
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I came here in 07', of November. So I was 16yrs old, and now I'm 21 lol

Yeah, it has changed a bit, it has become more cash dominated,a nd alot more items..And we can finally be bald!!! I had been asking for that for a good long while. And some of the items I rmember being around 10, 20k, are a crap ton more expensive in gold XP..I had a Cloud, when it was worth 20k, now it's gone, and look at the price now emotion_donotwant Plus I had 2 Go Phones (the headset), which costed me 30k for both (then for some reason I sold them), and now they're almost 200k (and yet I stil have the stupid Go Phone).
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I joined a few days shy of my 13th birthday in 2006. I feel so silly when I think of all the time I've spent on here but I can't stop myself.

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