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I was 13 or 14 when I joined back in '07.
I guess what has changed the most is the cash shop. I remember when it was just MC's for cash; but I really don't remember when it had became cash orientated. Of course, the layout change is huge too. Shortly after I had joined, and was familiar with the site, it had changed. I was like, "Now I have to re-memorize everything!!!!"

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Nearly 21 when I joined in 2003. Now I'm 30. Nine years and counting.
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I joined at 18 in 04, and I still enjoy the site as much as when I started. smile
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...mmm 16 was when I joined cos my friends kept on pestering me about it.

Then the Zurg Xmas event started and I was like HOLY COW THIS IS ******** AWESOME. *joins in on translation stuff*

Shoot, I remember arguing what kind of windgings font was being used, ancient greek letters, all that crazy stuff. emotion_kirakira

I still enjoy the site, just cos I'm older doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself. My biggest factor is time, because nursing school>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gaia
With my first account i was like 16 i think and with this one i was 18 i think now im 27
Since about 2004 I'm guessing... haven't been on since '08 though

So, since I was 14, and now I'm 22
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Let's see here, lemme do some basic math.
I started in 2007, I was born in 1991.
1991 1
1992 2
1993 3
94 4
95 5
96 6
97 7
98 8
99 9
00 10
01 11
02 12
03 13
04 14
05 16
06 16
07 17

Hm, looks like I was 17 when I started.
I was a troll before I even knew what it was.
I would make fun of all the anime dorks(I thought I was such a cool noob)
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I originally joined in '04, when I was 14. Hot damn, has things changed. No more rollbacks or sushi errors. But we did finally get zOMG, and now even the fabled backwings. Hell, I remember when it was a big deal that we finally got a gun item.
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I originally joined on 03 in my other accounts. Made this one as a return in 07 for the heck of it. I don't like to think about my own age. .-. Time fly by fast.

If only gold was this easy to make back in the old days...
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I was 12 when I first joined, 13 when I came back. I've been here ever since, and I'm 21 now. As for what's changed, Gaia has just gotten big.
i think i was like 11 when i made my first account, and now i am almost 21
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I was 11 when I joined. Now I'm 21. ********.

Lazarus Larkin
Nearly 21 when I joined in 2003. Now I'm 30. Nine years and counting.
You were probably one of the people I looked up to when I first joined. 3nodding
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I feel like an old fart because I still, to this day, miss being able to get 10g for every single poll vote. There used to be entire guilds dedicated to pollwhoring. It was a beautiful time for a newbie short on gold...

I was 14 when I joined in early '05. I'm 22 now.

Im older! blaugh
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I was 14 when I first joined back in 2008. Now I'm 18. While I haven't been on Gaia as long as some people, four years is still a substantial chunk of my life.

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