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I joined back in '04, and I remember when the big thing to have were the deluxe cat ears and the fox ears and tail. Plus the Nitemare and Angelic Headbands were the 'it' thing to have, xD
Omg yes scream And sealed letters cost about 2k, which was seemingly impossible to get at the time because of the gold cap. No games, just posting and polling. eek
Exactly! Man, I really feel old now when I think about it. x.x
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15 when I joined, 21 now. It isn't even that bad, I mean, yes, stuff has changed, but I don't feel 'ancient' or anything.

I guess it's mostly because I've never had a hiatus.
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I was 20 when I created very first account. I was in college then & Gaia seemed like a relaxing new hobby.
Now I'm 27 & everything on Gaia seems different-- all in good ways, to be honest. No more major glitches!
I can finally browse without experiencing problems doing very simple tasks, like browsing to a new page. xD
Now there are constant updates for various features that I all use & love. Evolution is fun to watch here.
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I joined in 2004. Its now 2012. 8 years. O.o Has it been that long?
I remember the good ole days...one thing hasn't changed. The trolls that b***h about every little thing. That will always be the same. biggrin
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I was about 13-14. Joined in '05 and im in the same boat. Just recently started signing back on. A lot has changed, for me and the site.
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I joined when I was 12 back in '05. Now I'm 19. I've gone from 7th grade to a sophomore in college on Gaia. It's been a long time.

I miss pink links and the excitement of finding a giftbox. I remember coco being like 19k and fresh grass skirts being super popular. I still loving making avatars that only have "old" items on it.
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          I was almost 12 when I joined in '04. I'm not sure if they were as strict about age then, since I don't recall lying about my age. Either way, I went through all of puberty and my teenage years on Gaia so that's kind of cool I guess.
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In middle school.
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I kept leaving the site and coming back after long 'hiatuses'. Atleast till zOMG's closed beta started, then stuck around because the game sounded so interesting and fun.
I joined back in 2004 and that's pretty easy to remember because it was also my senior year of High School. sweatdrop

Can't believe it's been that long though. @____@
I registered back in 2007 and I been away from this site for at least a good 5 month hiatus or maybe after that pie event? Well anyway its been a while and I seen not much has changed! mrgreen
Except for the manga story I'm so lost.
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I was a late bloomer, joining in '05/'06 at age 16/17.... Twenty three now.. and the prices are outrageously high. Sad thing is, I never stocked up on older items. neutral
Just logged in for the first time in a while.. I'm almost 8 years old on Gaia...
That means I made my account when I was 13, now I'm almost 21. That's pretty frickin' scary.
The more I look, the more I realize I barely even recognize this place anymore o__o
Yet somehow I can still remember the font color code I always used LOL.

Discuss: How old were you when you joined, and what do you realize has changed the most? o:
SAME, OMG. Everyone I talked to is gone......
Eh.... 9 years ago. sweatdrop My... so much has changed. Back in my day a million gold went further. Bahahaha.
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If my math is correct, I was 14, nearly 15 when I joined, and I'm now 24. I wish dearly I was still the young girl I was when I was 14, but in other ways I'm glad that part of my life is over.

My habits on Gaia have changed drastically. When I was 14 I was terrified to post because I thought I would get banned for breathing basically. I had never been on a forum like this before so I had no idea what I was doing. Now I'm much more lax when I post but it's still very rare that I do- I'm a huge lurker.

I'd say the thing that's changed the most is how I dressed my avatar. I enjoy dressing it in drag now, after going through a Drag King stage in real life. I would have never dream of doing such a thing when I was 14. I didn't know what drag was then anyway.
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I know the feeling @_@ It's like...sad isn't it? LOLLL

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