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Just logged in for the first time in a while.. I'm almost 8 years old on Gaia...
That means I made my account when I was 13, now I'm almost 21. That's pretty frickin' scary.
The more I look, the more I realize I barely even recognize this place anymore o__o
Yet somehow I can still remember the font color code I always used LOL.

Discuss: How old were you when you joined, and what do you realize has changed the most? o:
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I believe I was 18 when I joined because I was thinking I joined in '07.

I'm not really sure what has changed the most. I suppose the fact that zOMG exists since it wasn't around when I first started. Well, alchemy is definitely a feature we didn't have, so there's that. I guess the fact that we also have more NPCs too. Well and there actually a huge storyline for Gaia. I was thinking a few years back it was more just episodic, so there would be brief stories, usually revolving around an event and now we actually have this huge story that's being created and, I have to admit, that's pretty awesome.
I was fourteen when I joined Gaia. Now I'm twentythree.

So much has changed in my life and on Gaia. All I'm hoping is that it all leads somewhere. sweatdrop
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17 when I joined, 24 now...

Dear lord... that is scary...
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I was 26 when I joined. I'm now 31.

I have changed as a person so much since I joined.

Gaia has changed in that it's become a lot more cash dominated, and the items are being released at an alarming rate! When I joined, there were maybe 30 different hairstyles that weren't gold shop ones.

That includes Elemental Hair and Mythic Hair, Sasha's wig, the antoinette wigs and a few others. And eye mods were almost unheard of aside from Oculus Magica. Now, each new wig that comes out looks similar to another wig.
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23 baby! I've been here for quite some time, wasted many hours away...

I'd like to think all of my time on Gaia helped me to write better, or at least faster. I can hopefully clearly state my thoughts better so that people understand them. And I like writing.

If anything, interacting with people here helped me to want to expand my skills in art...nobody in the art forums or comic creators are shy to say when you suck and how to improve your art. Or any place else to tell you when you're being a d**k or whatnot.

All in all, Gaia still holds a special place in my heart.
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I joined 6 years ago, was 24 and now I'm 30 (well basically 31 since my bday is tomorrow xD)

a lot of things had changed in Gaia and of course in me too, only thing that haven't change yet is I feel as same young as 6 years ago o 3o

is true we have too much usage of RL money now... but the economy now is better than 5 years ago.. I can have the items I want, and not necessarily spending real money into... is more easy to get gold and I like that

the site layout had changed a lot since I first joined!! I like it, but I miss the old Gaia logo... I would love that they didn't change it :<
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Joined in 2003 at 35 and I love this place
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Joined when I was 12 back in 07 sweatdrop
Now I'm 18, whoa.

It's actually really cool if you think about it!
When your kids or nephews/nieces ask you want was a big part of your childhood/teenhood- you can tell them you wasted it happily on a online avatar site!
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Man, there have been a lot of threads like this in the GCD lately.

I joined Gaia when I was thirteen in 2006. I'm nineteen now.
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Aww welcome back! ;A; Your avatar... brings a heck of a lot of memories!

Ohh man... I think I was about 16 when I first joined. I joined back in 2005
a bit before the zombie skins came out. I had bouts of disappearing every
now and then, but I watched this place evolve. I definitely feel old. @-@
This is one of my last links to my childhood/young adulthood that still
exists. It brings me joy to come back to a place full of memories and things
I love so much.

Hey, Im old too! IDK when I joined, 05? A week before I turned 26, I cried thinking I was going to be 27 and was so depressed about where I was in life. Then I realized, Im only turning 26, I have a whole year to fix the mess I was in!
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I joined back in '04, and I remember when the big thing to have were the deluxe cat ears and the fox ears and tail. Plus the Nitemare and Angelic Headbands were the 'it' thing to have, xD
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Joined just month shy of my 15th birthday, and now I'm 24. 3nodding 9 years on the site is a long time for those of us who stayed.
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I joined back in '04, and I remember when the big thing to have were the deluxe cat ears and the fox ears and tail. Plus the Nitemare and Angelic Headbands were the 'it' thing to have, xD
Omg yes scream And sealed letters cost about 2k, which was seemingly impossible to get at the time because of the gold cap. No games, just posting and polling. eek

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