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Nobody sends me PMs like that. What? Am I not smexy? emo
But heh, one look at my profile and they probably run awaaaay rofl One of the advatages of being an old geezer - that and not hanging out in places likely to attract that kind of attention.
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I used to get PMs like that all the time and it bugged the heck out of me! I tried hanging in the Mini Shops exclusively, and that helped to cut down on them. I was a bit wary to leave the Mini Shops for a while because of the PMs though (between those ones and begging PMs I was really wary to ever check my PMs lol), but ever since I came to the GCD, I haven't received any, so I am quite content.
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I don't get PMs or comments of that kind. I guess it has something to do with the forums and hangouts you go to and the people you usually find in those.
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    That's odd, I've never had that, even when I dress my avatar in the most revealing items I've got.
    I'm assuming it's the hilarious EW FURRY hate.

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No. I rarely get PMs. Does it look like I smell or something? emotion_donotwant
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Nope, not even when my avatar has practically nothing on. The last time I got a PM from anyone was last halloween I think.
I just have that unlucky aura that puts people off going near me, even online. rofl

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Never, but I quess that happens when you have a male avatar. lol

I would laugh so hard if I would get a pm like that. If people ask you on a date because your pixels are sexy... Well, to each their own I guess.
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I've gotten a few PMs like that, all of which assuming that I'm a girl.......Yeah, I really hate gaians sometimes.
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I use to get some pms like that back when I went to towns and rally a lot, but that was when there were less things like that in towns. Back then I never posted in the forums. I don't know if it was my avatar or the fact that I was in towns and rally.
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I think it's where you mostly frequent. I never get PMs now asking for dates and cybering or what not because I keep myself secluded to the GCD, Marketplace, Charity, and sometimes Exchange. Towns are cute but I would never go there to seriously hang out on a regular basis.
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    I'm assuming it's the hilarious EW FURRY hate.

I'd believe it, actually

people have this thing against critters and humans mixing lol
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Not once my entire time on this site.

I do not put my picture in my sig or profile or anything though.
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Yeata Zi
Not once my entire time on this site.

I do not put my picture in my sig or profile or anything though.

oh bby plz date me ur skull iz so purty it makes me faint. heart

@topic: When I won the avatar arena forever and a half ago with my booty grab avatar, I got a lot of PLZ GRAB MY BOOTY N DATE ME requests because someone thought I was the Lusty Scoundrel Stud. cool
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Someone begs? Someone makes a kiss-up letter saying they'd offer cheap art for my gold?
They can kiss my a**; I'm not doing anything.
The solution is to tell them you're a guy.

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