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Who is this gambino I've been hearing about? is he the greatest of
them all or something? I think he's a dickhead for some reason I
don't know. Would somebody please tell me who he is?
Uh... he's this guy that was the wealthiest and most powerful man is Gaia. He has a son named Gino who's actually kinda nice. But during the Halloween party his mansion, like, explouded, and he was left without anything. So then he went looking for Gino, and he found him, but he had lost his memory from the explosion. And so now he's sitting in front of his wrecked mansion asking for gold so he can re-build his mansion. Go to Isle de Gambino and you'll see him.
he is a man that was at the top and an accident and now he is a poor slut
Let try not to be a fowl moth little troll. User Image
he's sitting begging for money in front of that big building (i don' t get it) he gives you a chance to say no when you go to donate money which is nice.
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He is "The Most Powerul Man on Gaia". 3nodding (or so he claims) xd

Viva Gambino! heart
Hmmm...you don't say. I'm going to pay him a visit
yea, donate gold. i donated 1 gold lol
it's ashame. first a powerful man, now he hit rock bottom....
crying crying crying .....I have another new quest! to save Gambino!
I think he's a dickhead?

That's right!
yep, gambino rules, you might want to talk about this in the chatterbox, though.
gambino reminds me of mr.rochester in jane eyre...
Nice language. stare
what they said... biggrin

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