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Today I get up and when I go to buy Dew Drop I go and see only FOUR ARE LEFT ON MP. DX

Have you ever had that moment GCD? Have you ever went to purchase an item, hoping for it to be a tad less expensive only to find it gone?
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At least there are 4.

I came back from my hiatus, and STAGE MAKEUP HAS DISAPPEARED. emo
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Wheezing Lunatic

Child of Gevaudan. I wanted it for one of my mule accounts because the hair is just perfect. Got everything else I wanted and saved it for last since it was most expensive. When I went to buy it, there were none.
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All the freaking time. gonk
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Das Portemonnaie
At least there are 4.

I came back from my hiatus, and STAGE MAKEUP HAS DISAPPEARED. emo

At least it can be made with alchemy now? XD
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SD Plus dolls are like that. I'll be looking for a particular one from a past RIG and it will take weeks to show up. And the ones I'm looking for aren't particularly expensive either. It's annoying.
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winner's circle!!! there was 4 yesterday and today they gone from MP
sad I bought one more expensive at 200k today because that emo
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Yup with Meracle Swimmer, I had a very pretty green mermaid avatar I was going to make but the Meracle Swimmer has all but disappeared.
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Yes, it's happened to me with Ranunculus. I've been stalking the MP for weeks with no luck. There hasn't been a a single listing. emotion_8c
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gaia_diamond gaia_diamond gaia_diamond yum_coldone emotion_bigheart
      ✦ yeah its like OMG I JUST NEED 5,000 MORE GOLD FOR THIS ITEM
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yup, witchcraft something something disappeared for a while then shot up in price, im not gonna buy it at its current.
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Kawaii Shoujo

yes! it took me ages to find this rural sheriff. D:
i'd resorted to offering way over lmp for people who were selling in the exchange, until my friend noticed there was finally an mp listing.
snapped that sucker up so fast.
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Mortality Memory . . When i sold it , it was 4.1 mill and there were 8 listed. Now there's only 1 listed for 8 mill. Go Figure.
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Ick. Know that feeling well.
I really sometimes regret not buying things when they first come out.
Right now I am cursing alchemy because the formula I want or alternatively the drop it come in are not on the MP and no one has made an offer for one in my alchemy item exchange thread. And while I know perfectly well I can buy completed item on the MP....I want to make it emo
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Well, there's 17 listed now. smile

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