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I noticed this Item in the current CI and what do they mean write something in 'the Magna about this item??

GCD, did ever notice have funny humor items like one?

When was the last time you seen they throw something ramdom?

Is Bacon Wizard arround?
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Gino-Bucket was a gag from an earlier Manga chapter.

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There was a part of the manga, Gino used a bucket and made a fake gino. Read the manga.
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I didn't know what it meant either. And that linked page isn't helping rofl I don't see a bucket anywhere.
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Lazarus Larkin
I didn't know what it meant either. And that linked page isn't helping rofl I don't see a bucket anywhere.
The bucket is in the first panel of that page. It's better seen on this page.

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Ohhh, I see it now.
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In Loyalty, Gino wields his own dummy to KO Cresento. The item's description jokes about making the bucket-Gino-dummy the main character.
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That item is precious. Simply precious.

It is the ineffective but cute decoy of a simple, naive boy. A reminder to pat Gino's head when ever he's around.

I enjoy Gaia's humor. Someone should seriously take them up on that offer to turn bucket Gino into a main character.

gaasssspppp i just bit myself. *tongues blood*
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Someone should make a real life Gino Bucket. lol
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All I could think about after seeing that is Buckethead Wendy from Sealab 2021.
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god i want that gino bucket so bad.

i love the fat sasha item emotion_awesome
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Gino bucket is the only Gambino I can tolerate
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Besides being from the Manga, it reminded me (ever-so-slightly) of the Bucket Knight from Rule of Rose.
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lol I loved the reference.

I would also love a bacon wizard MC one of these days.
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Buckethead Wendy. Definitely. Although bucket Gino as a main character might be an improvement over the original airhead...

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