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Same thing happened to me, only I've been away for a couple of months while occasionally checking in. It's amazing how the items are now commonly at 1mil when it was around 500k half a year back. I would be pretty annoyed as well but, with the job I have now, it's been okay to spend a few bucks and sell low at the marketplace.

I do feel for the newbies and younger ones though. I wonder if making gold got easier too, or is everyone hoarding and playing stock market?
yeah it's pretty cray
watcha gonna do though~
i really don't know if 13 year old me would like this Gaia as much as I did back then emotion_8c
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I can only agree with you ! I came back last week and i'm just amazed and sad at the same to see how much they are trying so hard to milk us with their 50-100$ cash shop items... No wonder prices skyrocketed. Must be hard for newbies trying to earn gold without spending real money.
Just another of gaia's free features to be left by the wayside

nevermind its a core aspect of the community
I actually just logged on five minutes ago after god knows how many years of really using this site, and I came here looking for this exact thread. This cash shop business is insane. I miss the days where you earned your gold through participation, and when I would log on everyday to see what was up with the gambino storyline. :/ I don't even know where to go to find out what happened with all of that. There's solicitation all over the god damned place.
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Honestly I have given up, I lost the thrill for items that I used to have a long time ago. I mainly stay to get ideas for my drawings, but I could use tektek for that so Gaia is beginning to seem obsolete... I have been debating all morning on selling all of my items and just using whatever gold I make to buy art or something... I just can't decide lol
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Welcome to Gaia's CEO.
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I'm not saying I agree with this strategy, but the way I see it is that they are trying to put more popular/rare items into the community by selling them for Gaia Cash, thereby driving their prices down...the less rare items become, the more easily obtainable they'll be. Also, selling Flynn's Chests is a quick way to pump more gold into the "economy," and is a quick alternative to making gold.

More of any certain item out there will, I think eventually, drive prices down a bit...I think it's going to take us a little while to get there because this change has, in my opinion, happened so fast and so recently...

So, maybe they see this as a win/win...it puts money in their pocket and also more gold and items in the community.
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Welcome back....unfortunately get use to it or move on. :/

I've been active since '05 when I was a college student. Although I can easily put $1k into buying pixels, I chose not to because I have bills and responsibilities. So, I wouldn't spend $1k on a pair of expensive shoes for myself much less virtual items for my avi.

The fact remains, there are adults and spoiled rich kids who will and are buying $1k items for the satisfaction of increasing the value of their avis.
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I still care about the site, unlike the geniuses running it, and I'm really sad to see the site in the sorry state it's in.
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Apologies for yet another inflation topic!
I haven't been to Gaia for a while and having just done so, I am horrified at the rampant inflation and the lack of regard by the admin.

I still log on out of nostalgia, since I started playing in 2003, it was a part of my teen years. And I have never, ever seen its economy in such a terrible state. This is hyperinflation at Zimbabwe levels. Yet, apparently, the admin keeps releasing Flynn's Booty or whatever it is. CIs are now at 700k! MCs at 1 million!

I'm glad I lost most of my interest in Gaia a few years back, or I would be really pissed. Right now, it doesn't even affect me and I don't even crave new items, unlike how I did last time. Do you still bother with Gaia's marketplace system, or have you given up?

I hear you. I came back from a long hiatus too, and it blows my mind.

To be honest, I have not seen anything, whether re-release old MCs or whatever, that I'd pay any more than 10 bucks for, let alone 50 or 100. I guess I'm lucky, in that I prefer a lot of the older, cheaper items than I do the newer ones, which really don't impress me much.

The inflation is mind blowing.
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I bought a Rosamund Doll a month ago for 6mill.
Now the price. I'm like wtf.
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*shrug* inflation happens in RL too, back when I was a tike a child's bus fare was one tenth of what it is now.
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Do you still bother with Gaia's marketplace system, or have you given up?

Given up.

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