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I was pretty shocked when majority of the GCD loved the new MCs.
I believe these are the reasons.

¤ Light Sabers, everyone loves Starwars.
People have been asking for Light Sabers since the dawn of time. Of course finally getting them would make everyone say "******** YEAH!"
Plus, just look at all the cosplay oppertunities [I've alreayd thought of 4 3nodding ]

¤ Frogs and Toads and Dragons oh my!
Dragons have been asked for almost as long as light sabers. I mean, Gaia is an anime site. What good anime doesn't have a dragon or two? [dont answer that, please -_-] Gwee was a huge disappointment, these dragons make up for it 3nodding

The tranforming into frogs & toads was a bonus. Who doesn't like that cute little toad? It's like kiki & coco all over again.

¤ Abra Kadabra Bitches
The spell books are probably the best part. With many magic fans out there, who wouldn't like the spell book? Plus, the little fluff ball owl thingy made me think of Hedwig, from Harry Potter. It's just so adorable ^w^

¤ Angelic vs. Demonic
OF COURSE WE LOVE THAT PART. It's like an old school Gaia thing. Who doesn't like a good ol' angelic vs. demonic rivalry?

So discuss:
More reasons why people love the new MCs
Why the toads are so freaking adorable.
Whether the admins have proven themselfs as godly once again
anything related.
I love starwars but i hate the lightsabers. I will hate them forever.
New collectibles = LAME beyond all belief.
Excuse me but I see no mention of... the beloved Ravens. I mean I just squealed when I saw them and now I have one in my hair... The ravens are just win all the way. If I saw one of the admins now I would gift them food because everyone likes food and I like to cook.

Oh and the frogs are adorable. i love going to towns now and watch them hop.
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You missed the part about the admin making angelic/demonic in the same item. Angelic/demonic stuff like...can never not be popular. Plus a lot of people were requesting more futuristic stuff recently (in the ask an admin thread). But yeah, your points are valid.
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So not everyone wanted a lightsaber :
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Mah, I think these items are okay, but still too many poses for my taste. I get easily confused. rofl
I'm not a fan of the plasma, but I am in love with the tomes!
The frogs are cute I just wish I could have them on my head.
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I dunno about other people, but my favorite pose is definitely the books themselves. whee So much potential! I MUST make an Ash cosplay with the Necronomicon!
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New collectibles = LAME beyond all belief.

You fail. stare

The lightsaber was a complete disappointment.
On the other hand, the summoning tome made up for everything ^^
I going to get one even though it doesn't go with my avatar <3
I have no comment emo
Suki Subaru
New collectibles = LAME beyond all belief.

You fail at life.

We all luff them because it's the ultimate MC - angelic and demonic all in one.

I'm so going to hoarde these ones!
And then there are just the poseurs who pretend to like Star Wars but never saw the movies.

Like me. > 3>

By the way, I can't wait to see the cosplays from this month's items.

Cyclops from X-men
Prince Charming Frog (+ Celebrity Date)

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