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Do you think Gaia is dying because of inflation? Justify your answer in a reply! :)

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No, because... 0.5158371040724 51.6% [ 114 ]
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First, if you meant "false equivolance" I don't know what that means. I did not use that term. I don't know what in my statement "The example you have given, "lose an arm at least you have three limbs left" is not comparable to a new user who "doesn't get a chance of becoming rich without spending money"" sounded "smart" for you. I used basic terms.

Second of all, the metaphor you gave ..... eh. I guess I see what you mean. It is a similar situation, but at entirely and DRASTICALLY different degrees. I mean being able to afford pixels vs. losing a limb? Come on.

Also, my thread did contribute to Gaia, because a lot of people here posted and approved of my statements. They're sick of the "inflation threads" everywhere. Are you not sick of that too? And I am happy the way Gaia is. The only thing that bothers me about inflation is that people can't stop complaining about it. They were reminded of what Gaia is about. And they forgot their wishlist fantasies.

And I don't care about my thread's rating lol. People think I'm making a mistake because they put arguments that are totally out of the bounds of my thread. I say Gaia is not dying because of inflation and the only argument to that is Gaia is dying because of inflation. But people don't post here to argue that. They post here to say Gaia is dying because of lack of zomg updates and other site features, etc. But NOT because of inflation. They say it's part of it blah blah, but it's NOT.

But I guess you won't get what I mean either, just like the rest who came here.

Have a nice day. biggrin
I am not sick of the inflation threads. I'm happy that people won't stop pointing out that there is a problem until the problem is fixed. I am not one for self-delusion.

I assumed you were Astra Green because there was no reason to single out my post as there are other posts that make similar arguments and are not buried by newer posts. It struck me as unusual, particularly because she seems quite muleish. If I assumed wrong, I apologize.

I suppose your thread contributed to Gaia by showing the strength of the disapproval for the current situation, which seems to stand at about 50:50.

I still think your hastily tagged on bit about only arguing that inflation isn't the cause is unconvincing as you never specifically mentioned it until now, and because inflation actually is a *huge* reason why Gaia is dying. The number of people who have posted that they are leaving Gaia because the can't afford their quest items is not insignificant. The number of people who are turned off by perceived Gaia greed from pushing gold generators is not insignificant. Inflation is the problem that people bring up the most, hence the inflation threads.

I understand what you are trying to argue completely. I just disagree with it completely.

If I sound angry it's because the people who argue that inflation and gold generators aren't a big deal are the ones who can buy gaia cash and don't have problems questing their avatars. They contribute to the problem that's destroying the site for everyone else, and eventually themselves.
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I guess it matters heavily on what your main attraction to Gaia is. I spend more time lurking and making avatars, so I ended up taking a hiatus for a few months because the sudden inflation was majorly disheartening.

But, coming back, I had a fresh slate and, through sheer luck, was given an opportunity to purchase a tiny bit of GCash...which gave me enough to get myself comfortable with an avatar so I can move on to other things...like roleplaying.

I used to roleplay a lot....I actually can't remember why I stopped in the first place....

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