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Do you think Gaia is dying because of inflation? Justify your answer in a reply! :)

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Check Barton Town, a lot of happy folks roleplaying they're creative wits out.
Check General Discussion, they're still the ruthless kids who come up with little discussion yet they're cool with it
Check out the Mini Shops, people making art for the extrinsic reward of gold, but mostly to practice what they're good at
Check out Game of Thrones where people are happy about Joffrey's death
... and I can go on. i.e. including but not limited to what i mentioned; some of you take it so literally! lol

When have you actually lurked and seen the other forums?

They are happy with what Gaia offers them: that is interaction, creativity, communication.

Let's forget about the items and the cash shop. You're not forced to buy any of those.

If you're pissed that you can't afford that one expensive quest item, then you just let it pass. Those are just pixels.

Let's all be happy and remember what Gaia is to us and why we're here. We're a community first before we're pixel lovers.

EDIT: A lot of people are posting on here blaming the lack of updates of zOMG, other site features etc. for Gaia's decline.
This is
wahmbulance exclaim NOT exclaim wahmbulance
what this thread is talking about!
Point of this thread is that Gaia is NOT dying BECAUSE of inflation
So if you come here to argue about Gaia dying because of exclaim another reason exclaim , then you're in the wrong thread.
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Yes this!!

I dont know if it just the way i've been raised, but i've been taught that persistence is key and you will get your rewards in time which is probably the reason I dont care about the inflation because I will get those items...just not now xd

I've lurked around other forums, I like to see the crazy stories in the news forum, or maybe chat it up in CB or talk about my favorite cannibal emotion_awesome (srsly tho gaia, thank you for the Hannibal forum)

Those were the reasons I joined gaia, the latter being my avi.
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The day Gaia truly is dying is the day you won't be there to notice it.
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student doctor I love you. In reality, I don't see the site going down. Yes everything is expensive but isn't real life expensive?

However, as a rp owner myself and a roleplayer I have always found finding people hard. Has it gotten harder? The answer is no.

As to donating to the site I agree. We are not forced to buy anything. I am surprised that most people feel they are forced to buy something from here.

However, another thing what surprises me is how open gaia is. There are no rules for posting. (To a degree) Where other sites there are rules about bumping, double posting, triple posting, and the like. I can go off to chatterbox and make a thread (if I chose) with just one word and that one word could be hi. It might not get me any replies but I can do it!

In other places you can't do that! gonk

I love gaia for what it is. A free site where I can do pretty much what I want, when I want to do it, and the like. All I gotta do is go by TOS.

Edit: In some of the other avi forum mules are limited. In a few of them you could have only one mule..

One forum you could have more but the cap was ten. (or they said you could have more but ten was too much)
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I agree, it's great to see such a great community after all of this time, and with all of the changes to the site.
I still do covet items, I think I always will, but there does come a point where I have to say: Wow, that's just too much, and let it go. (Or shell out the GC if it's something that I like that much).
I love the people here, I lost a lot of friends after the decline of Zomg!, but I hope that people still stay here for the community. heart
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Yes. 3nodding
This leaves goosebumps on me I don't know why I'm such a crybaby gonk
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totally agreed
i love roleplaying in barton, its one of the main reasons im on gaia
there, you don't see things failing, there things are thriving
people need to look past the avatar system, and then they'll see things are pretty much the same
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I remember when I got all my items from TekTek.

When I'm not posting in the GCD I'm in the AMC usually. I can't miss a day; someone's taste in anime might be wrong. dramallama
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You can't say why people are here, because they're all here for different reasons. I don't RP, dislike GD, don't art much anymore, and don't really care much about Game of Thrones. Point is, not everyone finds enjoyment in constant public activity/community. Some people very much like solitary activity (games, reading manga, dressing avatars, etc.), and the only reason public activity is still alive is because the users make their own fun. Gaia has killed off all the solitary activity (aside from avatar making), made it useless and un-fun, so I can see why the portion of the Gaian population that spend their time here doing those things feel like the site is ending. Their sort of fun has ended.
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This is very true. I need to visit the other forums I used to be in. They are still having a lot of fun. I seen many users without extravagant items that still get a kick out of town and forums. Why can't I do the same? Need to remember what brought me to this place. Because it wasn't the avatars, it was meeting new people around the world and interacting with them. Heck, I will still want a few new items here and there, but it doesn't mean I have to always focus on those things. Thanks for the eye opener, OP.
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Pretty true. cat_smile
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Slow death.
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Why is this User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. not +? People too afraid to be wrong about their doom sayings, apparently
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Just because Gaia has had a case of the inflation for almost a year now, doesn't mean that the entire community will wake up one day and simultaneously say "From this day forward, I will not log onto Gaia every again!!11".
The reason why people stay for many reasons, but it isn't cool that all of the 'nicer pixels' are unobtainable for newbies without them coughing up some real dough.
Hell, even RIG fails, items you could once get for cheap are now in the millions.

Think of it like getting an staph or strep infection, where they eat your flesh: you may not notice it in the beginning, but as time goes on the wound becomes a festering wound that cannot be cured.
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Why is this User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. not +? People too afraid to be wrong about their doom sayings, apparently

But what else would they do on the site if they didn't complain anymore? It's the only entertainment left! /sarcasm

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