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Back when I use to roleplay it was a nice outlet for my creativity and a way to meet people. Not to mention I adored making up characters and giving them little back stories. These days though I don't RP hardly at all if any simply because all the RPs in Barton Town to me became repetitious and not to mention I'm majorly out of the loop when it comes to a lot of these series people are looking to role play. neutral
I used to out of fun, and because I stumbled over people with the same sense for odd couples and lame humour as me lol ...But nowadays, I just don't feel like anymore. Maybe you could call it a overdose of RP
I don't RP on gaia, but I belong to a couple chat roleplays, an x-menish comic book type thing, and a dresden files modern fantasy thinger. I RP mostly because its a chance to bring out my imagination and let it stretch its legs for a bit that I'm comfortable with.
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I used to RP elsewhere...
but I haven't worked up the courage to RPing here on Gaia. o///o
I'm just
too shy or something
I don't know.
Also everyone in the RP forums have giant pictures and post formats with song lyrics/sayings/whatever so it gets hard to understand.
I do WANT to try RPing here on Gaia, I just...
haven't/can't/I don't know

My dear typist does a lot of this 'RPing'. I can't say I quite understand the fascination with the practice myself, but...

He pauses a moment, frowning, and polishing the lenses of his spectacles.

... She tends to look down on those ones. Says the overemphasis on visuals and obscure rules of being 'literate' muddle engagement with the text, and really just serve to big-note the posters without having any observable benefit on the quality of interaction. ... Or. Well. Something along those lines. Frankly, she talks a lot, and I don't always listen.

... Hm. Well. I suppose my point is thus: Not all of them make meaningless and rabid rules. Some are quite sensible and approachable, in fact! It's all a game of finding them. Though, that can be difficult. Some hide behind the faces of others, instead. Can you imagine such a thing?
To get my kinks out of the way so that neither I or the other person gets hurt in real life.

It's also to expand on story, since I adore writing.

There's also interaction you get with roleplay.
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To get my kinks out of the way so that neither I or the other person gets hurt in real life.

It's also to expand on story, since I adore writing.

There's also interaction you get with roleplay.

Yay for kinks~
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Thank you to everyone who replied. I read through all your responses and wrote down a bunch of helpful things that helped me with my paper.
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I'm an author who's been writing since I was in kindergarten. I roleplayed since I first joined the glorious magical place called "The internet." It was young back then. I started on sites like Neopets and through emails.
I however quit in 2004 due to drama.

I returned last year to gaia to roleplay. I always felt gaia was the best place to RP so I set out to RP. But this time, I had a goal. I was writing a fanfiction and wanted to experience what it was like living life from the point of view of the villain and my favorite character. I joined a walk-in roleplay and ended up taking on the grandest life-changing adventure from literature I've ever experienced.
I roleplay on gaia because I'm an author and sometimes when you write all by yourself you get a little lonely.

Also, pretending to be a dark centaur tyrant is pretty sweet.
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I rp to escape my irl problems. Coming up with creative ideas is therapeutic in a sense. I kinda like a more relaxed casual style of roleplay, too many people here take their writing too seriously and it's hard to have fun sometimes. They over think basic situations, and make it way more complicated than it needs to be. Do you really need 8 paragraphs to wake up and stare blankly in a room without actually doing anything?
Another problem is people's characters tend to be cliche, over lap each other. I've seen the whole 'woe is me' dead parents scenario a thousand times. People need to be more diverse and mix it up a bit! Not just white or japanese teen assassins in pretty much any situation regardless what the setting or story is.

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