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Adopt! I share the hatred of the annoying green idiot but babies that cute are impossible to destroy.
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Tiny Darling

I chose to put the grunnies up for adoption, because the Flock of Diedrichs item was selling for more on the MP than the Diedrich Skin Coat. If it had been the other way around, I would have homogenized the critters without batting an eyelash.
I'm a shameless profit hunter.
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I'm supposed to be on the adoption site cause I love to see people getting over emotional over a fictional character, but that diedrich coat is just pure gorgeousness so I'll betray my side just one bit.
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Lavish Lunatic

Destroy! Lets save the world from his evil plans!
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Tipsy Man-Lover

I haven't gathered enough to have to make that decision.
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Barton Nerd

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I want to adopt them all, for sure! Especially the little albino ones! <3

I wish Gaia would come out with baby Grunny companions of each color.
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Flora Carrow
I want to adopt them all, for sure! Especially the little albino ones! <3

I wish Gaia would come out with baby Grunny companions of each color.

With an I am pose? They run so adorably!
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Sparkly Shounen

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I don't like Diedrich but I can't homogenize his baby bunnies either crying
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Shy Fatcat

I don't have the heart to homogenize all Diedrich babies -.- It seems so wrong...
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CyMage's Wife

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I thought it was interesting that there isn't even really a choice here. It's just turn in grunny heads for items. You don't choose, you can do both as much as you want, as long as you have enough items.
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Demonic Senshi

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The answer is simple.

To rid the plague, you must rid his offspring. He will hopefully fall into such a depression that he will have no choice but to let himself be homogenized.
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Destroy. Diedrich wore out his welcome long ago. Besides, they're an invasive species, like zebra mussels or lampreys. They need to be removed before they destroy the ecosystem.
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Fashionable Lunatic

It's wabbit season.

Time to destroy the wabbits scream
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Look at my LUXURIOUS fur coat. I think that'll answer your question regarding what I did to them.
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Eloquent Phantom

They may be cute now, but they will grow up. And when they grow up, they will start to absorb information. Some will find books of old quotes; others, law journals. They will begin to spout their reinterpretations of these 'facts' incessantly, and there will be too many of them to ignore. Plus, they eat anything, and they will reproduce more.

The grinder is the only solution, friends. The scourge needs to be destroyed.

Plus, they make nice paint.

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