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It's very rare for me to get a catch or a case, but I do get components on occasion. I still go though and get them though everyday, though I don't love the DC enough to get on all my mules everyday.

*is lazy*

I should really, I'd prolly have better luck if I did. oh well.
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Girl-Crazy Man-Lover

Junk. Also, DC is currently broken on both Firefox and Chrome.
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Fused Prophet

They fixed a major glitch with the DC a week or so back. It's totally worth it now. Haven't got any Alchemy stuff in a while, but I'm not seeing any crap like eyeballs, summer shirts or mexican themed pants either.
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I've gotten two Philosopher's Caches from the DC. Sold one right out for 130k when they were up, the second I opened and got a Topaz Cache and sold it for 115k. DC has been good to me. 3nodding
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I've definitely seen my fortunes improve with these updates to the DC.
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Kawaii Vampire

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I've won the two Philosopher's Caches, so far. Which is awesome. I opened both and managed to sell them for a little over 100k.

I make sure to check DC nowadays.
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Tiny Fairy

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While most of the time my DC is the standard 50+ gold, tickets, fish bait, cheap crap... I have on occasion lucked (like the time (months ago) I got a back-wings formula before they changed how alchemy stuff was distributed ^_^)

Free stuff is.. well Free... I'm not knocking it, I don't have time to hard core make money, so every little helps.... I usually clear out the junk once or twice a month.... it may not add up to much... but it is still free so all good to me.
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I very rarely, if ever, see anything but the usual common prizes/gold/aquarium fish and items. I get a lot of aquarium stuff for some reason.

Once I got 10k. I thought that was the best thing ever. Then it handed me a Silicon Pirate back when they were still pretty hard to come by. Of course, I was stupid and didn't sell it. That remains the best I've ever managed from the DC.

Ah well.
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And that is why I do DC every time I sign in. Free items are free and I like my trash too. Collecting them has paid off well when alchemy was introduced.
I like the variety now.
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it is worth it!
I have at least 20k in every mule I own thanks to the new DC, time to time I get ph. caches into them, but I had only once got an alch. cache, and was in this account last year

I like my DC! <3
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I love daily chance even before because you know what? Free is nice. Gotta love free things cool
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Summery Spirit

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Ive gotten a couple of golden giftboxes and 2 caches, thats why i get my daily chance religiously x3
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Feral Bilge rat

I love the Daily Chance so much. I've gotten so many awesome things from it.
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Lazarus Larkin
Amy Storm
Haha yes. DC loves me and has given me three of those. They have odds of about 1/400 per day. DC also gives philosopher's caches and golden giftboxes.

I don't understand why people don't use it, it mostly gives gold and items easily sold for gold.

Exactly... I mean, I often get 10-20 gold on every landing page, but that's still free gold that only takes seconds to get...

Same here.. sometimes I get 250, 100, 50.. etc

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