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Moobie is...

cute 0.50344827586207 50.3% [ 73 ]
creepy 0.041379310344828 4.1% [ 6 ]
just moobie 0.37241379310345 37.2% [ 54 ]
gold 0.082758620689655 8.3% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 145 ]
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Sir Black Tea

Which is better: Save Hammi 2k13 or a news report about this brutal murder

brutal murder biggrin


I never knew the little guy had a name, always saw him around the site in one form or another but didn't question it at all.

i've never seen him before, except for that one MC (who is a different hamster? idk) crying i guess he's sort of like one of those ninja pets that you rarely see but know is around somewhere...
gaia should get a Hamster from petsmart and name it Moobie. then they'd have a real life pet mascot for the office.
the only trouble would be keeping everyone's visiting cats from eating him.
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they breed those to feed the grunnies and prunnies. Of which Diedrich is neither.
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Could've sworn Moobie was made to represent a hamster pet one of the devs had lost. I vaguely recall there being a journal entry, somewhere.
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rhymes with noobie XD
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moobie bookie boobie noobie lookie.

Being around here for 3 years, I have no idea who he is, and I even lurk and post in the GCD.
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otherwise, I have no idea
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Thanks for this! Now I can use him as a guinea pig.
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First time I've ever seen him. I think he's kind of cute. I might even dig out my Hammi hat and build an avatar around them.
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I'm wondering where the little angel and devil are myself. But as far as I know the hamster was just kinda hanging out on the homepage way back when o^o
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I had no idea that hamster had a name. It never seemed quite as iconic as Rock Puppy, even though it's cute... I guess it just wasn't as unique?
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Moobie... rhymes with noobie... but yeah I have no farking clue who he is. I've never seen him before.
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I didn't know he had a name either. I always liked him though.
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Moobie is an Ultra Satan counterpart. Deep within those beady eyes are malicious plots and death. We should have lorises instead.
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Rock puppy probably ate it...if it doesn't eat dirt.
I haven't seem him before (well, aside from the Hammi Hat). He's adorable!

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