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1st for the 15000 gaia cash. or 3rd for the letter.
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xMichikun's Husband

Invisible Hoarder

Honestly, if I won any place, I'd be happy as heck. XD
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Manly Cub

I already own a wii and the sad thing is that you could probably illegally sell minis for more on eBay than a Wii.
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Yeah, I too would prefer the Gaia items. If I got a Wii I suppose I could sell it, but I don't even know how much I could get for it.
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I want the Wii.
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I don't own any gaming console whatsoever.
So a wii would be pretty sweet, or any of the prizes. I don't usually tend to win things, so I would be happy with whatever.
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Wheezing Lunatic

Honestly? I'd love the red wings more than anything.
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I'd rather have the Wii. Rucks to the rest o the prizes. If I get banned, forget my account info or get hacked, or decide this site blows and I want to quit, all those items I bought with GC will be lost (unless i quit. at which point i'll just give the items away). A Wii is forever.

So yeah, you can have your fake money. I'll take something more tangible that will provide me with hours of enjoyment and have something to do with my friends.
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Star Explorer

I don't even own a Wii and I'd rather have second or third place.

I mean honestly, Gaia, most people here probably already own a Wii and Nintendo isn't even able to sell many of them these days because everyone and their grandma's cat has one... and it is just collecting dust.

It's like offering Pogs, Beanie Babies, or Pokemon cards as your first place prize.
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The Red Wings would make my day.
Sell those bastards on the MP.
Get gold.
Clear out wishlist.
I'm set.
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Phoenix Goliathane
same, but now i see it's a wii OR 150 bucks gc, which would also be pretty sweet.

15,000 GC?

Honestly, I'd take the Wii. The second and third prizes would be worth more like 150,000 GC (even if you used all of that to buy RIGs, which are high value) or higher.

oh i know, i'd also still take second or 3rd prize too, i'm just saying 150bucks of gc is also a pretty nice prize, even if it's not worth as much gold. i already have a wii so it wouldn't be much use to me for a second one really either.
I have a gaming console already, so prefer the 2nd or the 3rd prize.
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No one will every convince me you told a lie.

              I want the Wii, so I can sell it and get Gaia Cash. :3

Moriarty was REAL!
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Ridley Starsmore
I'd love the red devil minis, I'd buy ridley a pair of minis she doesn't have yet and enjoy the rest of the profit..

Sounds like a plan to me! emotion_dowant
emotion_kirakira ...I would send you cookies!
Better make them well preserved, airmail to the netherlands takes a while.. emotion_dowant
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Lavish Lunatic

15000 gc imagine what that could buy

Actually, you could buy less with that than with the red devil mini wings. Or any of the mini wings you get from this (september 03 is angelic or nitemare mini wings).
15000 gc will most likely get you about 1 mil gold per 1000 gc, which means it only gives you 15 mil. Any of the mini wings is worth waaaay more gold (angelic/nitemare is worth about 175 mil and the red >400 mil).

Imagine what that could buy. wink

Unless of course you actually want one of those miniwings for keeps. I'm glad I actually find them pretty ugly.. xd

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