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this thread tho
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This isn't new, like, at all.

If this wasn't working, Gaia Interactive would change their plan going forward
but they aren't
so it is

Just because -you- think the price is unreasonable doesn't mean that Gaia Interactive's target demographic thinks it is

It just means you aren't Gaia Interactive's target audience.

dang i never knew gaia's target audience was this rich! i thought it was targeted at teenagers
where do teens get all this money to spend

Didn't you know? Reasons why retailers like Hollister and Abercrombie survive is because teens love to spend wads of cash on crap, just to feel good about themselves and be a "cool" kid. Teens go through that phase of struggling with self-esteem and identity issues so they are ripe for the picking$.
Gaia promotes Gaia Cash, which substitutes US dollars for items that are worth very ridiculous sums of gold, inflation sets in, the worth of gold, the only currency we're supposed to have, goes to sh*t. The much larger population of Gaia, the ones not buying anything from Gaia, are screwed over. Items are unobtainable without Gaia Cash since it has directly caused both inflation of the items worth and deflation of our currency's worth. The marketplace is negatively effected in numerous ways.

In essense, due to Gaia Cash:
- $ for items = Gold to proceed towards having no value, with Gaia Cash taking its place, because the items we desire are unobtainable without Gaia Cash.

- Causes inflation of items

- Destroys the value of gold and our economy
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rolleyes rolleyes

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