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I had/have glitchy quests that never got fixed (after years), they nerfed it, dropped development for it, etc.

So I lost interest and haven't played it in a long, long while.

It used to be why I even used Gaia. But, I've found other things to entertain and occupy my time.
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    zOMG! used to be part of my Gaia-time, but since it was announced the game would no longer be updated, I feel like I'd hit the top eventually and lose interest forever. So, strangely, I'm delaying the inevitable by not playing at all. gonk

    I still have things to explore, so I'll get on eventually.
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When it first came out, the game was so laggy but so fun because everyone was in the same boat. I had a great experience with crews and playing with friends (who have since pretty much stopped using Gaia).

At a certain point, I got stuck in Otami and then I took a break from zOMG and Gaia. When I came back, I was woefully underprepared for more difficult quests by myself and it was really hard to crew with so few people playing the game at my level. Everyone these days seems to be either way too advanced for me or are just starting out the game!

So nowadays I spend my time killing anchors on Gold Beach when I feel like playing and making a little gold. I was so looking forward to beating the game and exploring new areas like Aekea emo
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I was obsessed with it for a while until my Internet connection and busy sched made me neglect it. I never used it as another feature to earn gold although I earned a lot back then. I still play from time to time but it isn't as fun as it used to because it's difficult to find a decent crew or go solo in the later quests.
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I play zOmg during events (if they have one ingame) and sometimes to collect a few alchemy items. I used to play it a lot more, but lost interest after Gold Beach.
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I'm from '05, and I love the environment of ZOMG, and I wish it was given more work.
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I've only skimmed a few comments in here so sorry if I repeat much of whats been said.

I am one of those users who played it when it first came out (On my first account) Ha, I even remember going to an Expo where they unveiled preview Screen shots months before its release xD But I Digress sweatdrop

Back then, I played it because it was fun, I genuinely enjoyed all the tasks and travelling to new places. It was always fun competing with friends on how much further one of us was, bragging that "OMG! I made it to Zen!" and my friend being like "AWWW! I can't get past Bills Ranch!" xD

But now I play zOMG for the social side (Most of my closer Gaian friends I made through zOMG!) and for getting gold. Now that I am a Lvl. 10.0 I don't need to harvest Orbs anymore so I just go to The Fishing Hole and do a few rounds of PS to get something like 20K+ Gold.

I also go on zOMG! during Events, especially Easter when everyone goes hunting for the Golden egg!

I don't really do Alchemy on here so I have tons of ingedients in my inventory that never get used ^^;

But, its more of an every other day thing for me to play zOMG! and yeah I supose its one of the main reasons why I still sign into Gaia, That and the Forums and mah buddies ;3 (I am now 18, but I first joined Gaia when I was 13 whee )
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...I do and I still go and get all my DCs from zOMG too cat_3nodding

I guess I'm a seasoned veteran, since I was a zetatester and have done everything in zOMG except a few DMS quests. Honestly, when Gaia released zOMG, I had high hopes that it would replace any interest I had in MS and take Towns/Rally/VH to the next level... User Image

...Too bad I, and many others, were busy playing zOMG when we should have been paying attention to the growing Anti-zOMG sentiment in the SF and GCD... Or Gaia Interactive's shift from being Gaia-centered to that of being Social Media centered... cat_stare

Whether Gaia gets it or not... We need more zOMG... And things like MoGa/HoC (a waste of money/time/effort) and Towns 2 (a mere bandaid to a bigger unaddressed problem) will eventually be abandoned just as zOMG was... But unlike zOMG... MoGa and HoC are on a one-way ticket to the sameplace Frontier Skies was, sadly, sent...

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