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I've just started playing, and now, I assure you this thread was not made with the intention of bashing either zOMG! I just have a few genuine observations/questions n __n.

Personally, it reminded me of Maple Story, back in the day, with the cutesy little tasks on Bills Ranch, and slowly powering up the rings.

Now I won't like, alchemy and the formula system was what enticed me to play zOMG! in the first place. I saw all those rare hard-to-craft items and thought, "Wouldn't it be alot easier to play the game, than to try and amass millions of gold to buy them in the marketplace?" This is probably an incredibly naive thought, I know it is not easy, and it takes time.

I find the game fun, I know there's users that hold the social side of the game above anything, and enjoying yourself is supposed to be the core idea of it.

But at what point does there become an element of profit making / I've got to this level, I must carry on, etc. Is it a part of your routine? Almost like doing another DC?

Are you a newbie with no clue, or a seasoned veteran when it comes to zOMG! ? What are you hoping to achieve not only with your own character but within the game itself.
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I like playing zOMG. Not so much for the gold as the actual game. Making crews is annoying, but if you get in a good one then the missions go fast and it's really fun. :33

I used to play a lot after it came out, but then stayed off for a number of years. I started playing again a few months ago and go on a few times a week. Once you get the hang of it all the farming stops being annoying and the monster killing becomes enjoyable.
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I really wish that Gaia would do something with zOMG!,
I thought alchemy was made to give more use to the game. When I learned that alchemy was a completely different thing it made me sad.
I've been playing zOMG since the beta and I still play, and I don't wanna see it leave...
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When the game first came out, I was on it 24/7, and was one of those "famous" players that when you walked into the game somebody would yell "OMG! It's ----". That was the best time I ever had on Gaia. I've tried to get back into it a few times, but I don't have the hours to put into it like I used to.

Although, I don't use alchemy either, maybe if I did It would be a reason to get back into it :3

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User ImageI liked it up until I got to Old Aqueduct. It got too frustrating then. For some reason, it won't acknowledge the quests that I complete there. Uncle Ken at Zen Gardens won't acknowledge my finished quest either. :/
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when you get to CL.10 (and with all your buffs rings at CL.10 as well) you can go to gold beach and start raking in some serious gold. I make about 160k a day but if you don't have a Donor status on here you get capped when you hit 50k.

I also play Zomg for the social aspect but it's mostly for gold. You grow rather attached to the people that you play with everyday xp
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I wish I could say that zOMG is a big part of my routine on Gaia, but it's not at the moment.
I tried to get it to be one of the main reasons why I come to Gaia, but I failed.
Don't get me wrong: I really love zOMG. I think it's a great game with a lot of potential.
(I was an old school Maple Story player so maybe that's why I was drawn to it...)

But I made the mistake of taking a break from playing the game for a few months.
When I came back, I couldn't jump right back into where I was in the story for some reason.
The game doesn't have the option for players to start over either. That made me lose interest.

If we're eventually given the option to start over & Gaia finally starts updating zOMG, I'll definitely play again.
Everything about the game was fun for me, right down to the musical score. <3 I miss playing.
Being able to start over would make me fall in love with Gaia even more so than I do now. xD
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Nerfing is all that matters.
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My hardcore zOMGing has been put on hiatus due to semester finals, but I'll tell you that I adore the game. Not just cause it's a good way of making gold, it's a FUN way of making gold. And it makes me feel like I've legitimately earned my gold, not like selling something on the marketplace. I wish Gaia would work on it again, make into the great game it has the potential to be, but they love their FB games too much to give a crap anymore.

And I swear, I will get to level 10 in alchemy just by crafting Orb Aggregates. JUST WATCH ME.
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Hm, I guess its a shame alot of people seem fed up or just plain not interested enough in zOMG! anymore. I remember when it was released it was a hugeee thing.

Can someone explain how alchemy and the game aren't the same thing? o 3o;, I thought you had to get all the ingredients/recipe and craft in game?

I'm not too great at joining crews and making friends on these things, it's kinda my downfall. I'm all like. "I NEED TO GET THIS DONE, SORRY. BBL."
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It's never been part of my routine either, but zOMG! is great as sliced bread to be honest. A bit clunky, and quite a realm to explore that I unfortunately suspect is overlooked by too many. I guess the reason it never truly did hit us with the bang we anticipated all those years ago has to do with it ending up low on people's lists of priorities somehow; I know that for me, at least, there's very little time left for a game within a Web community when all the other more or less obligatory strata of life and recreation have been tended to.

And I say: to the gutters with hypocrisy! Even if I don't play it much I'll keep the spread-the-word banner in my signature, because it deserves all attention it can get from people who still may potentially be absorbed. And because it looks absolutely uh-may-zin'.
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Once I hit cl10 zOMG lost some of its sparkle. I hope they update more, but its not really looking like it, is it? crying
I do it mostly for Daily Chance now, and to try to get all my rings to cl 10. I love ring swap, cuz then I can switch the low cl to a ring I care about and then its like a miniquest for a while. xp Only two rings less than 10 now! blaugh
I've tried DMS, but had bad luck with crews so far. mad
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I used to be quite a hardcore zOMGer but after many dramas and such in the tiny terror community it lost all of its sparkle and now I rarely play especially since I have so much coursework to hand in ; n ; ...
I can remember playing zOMG! for hours on end farming and now I wonder why I had the patience considering I've tried recently and it was awfully boring. I guess the nerf took out a lot of zOMGs spark that it used to have.
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never got into zOMG. i played it for a day maybe. things like that just don't hold my interest.
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ZOMG is amazing. but now people rarely play making the end of the game near impossible.

but the story is awesome.

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