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Noses are hard for me to really use... They always look weird to me. Mouths too though, I'm almost always 'mouth-less'. But part of that might be because some mouths are either placed on the chin or right where the nose would be, like the artists can't quite figure it out.

I prefer to use just the hair and eye shape to make my avatars. I also use glasses/scars a lot too so perhaps that hides the lack of nose and makes it look less awkward.

I can relate to that.
I can't stop feeling, however that if the right noses and mouths were available people would use them.
Other wise, face mods wouldn't be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of gold in the marketplace.
Demonic, angelic and all the other moods.
Some avatars surely can use a mouth or a nose if they are the right ones.
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Oh, I love skin.

Yes, pretty much. All this skins feel incomplete without certain appendages.
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I have a nose
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Bah... nose, nothing. Most of my avatars have no mouth.
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The little barely-visible dot that we have is nose enough for me. Our avatars are so chibi-looking that noses are kind of odd on them.
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I prefer to have a nose and the orc nose is really cute.
I've always thought it was odd how most avatars lack a nose.
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Maybe a nose would look okay, and I mean a normal sized one, not one of those comically big ones Gaia has.
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I have a nose on my avi and a mouth, things which my other avi counterparts sometimes lack
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having a nose is one of the many reasons why i love the elf skin smile . It has a little shaded nose, perfect

though it would be nice if gaia came out with a line of noses

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Hi Sunday.

Yes, we have no noses.. and i find the ones from masquerade to be rather.. not right.
us noseless Gaians look like voldermort biggrin
That's one of the things I like about the vampire skin - it has a little shaded nose.

I think it'd be great if they released a bunch of noses in different skin colors - kind of like the Sharaku nose, but differently shaped, preferably subtler.

Yes, I have been overlooking the fact I couldn't find a nose I liked for years but now I bought back this Tropical disease item, I suddenly felt like making weird avatars which could benefit from a matching nose.
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noses are cool. i am all for more nose items. and i want that nose chich drew. emotion_kirakira
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I really like noses; but I think if it were to be default on the face
it should probably be subtle like on the dark elves or vampire skin.
But there should deffos be more noses in the gs stores.
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I really love the noses from the Masquerade, but I find they never really mesh with the mouths I use (or my skintone).
I'd love to see more cute little noses like the Masq. as long as it didn't make the mouth look likes it oddly off to one side.
The nose on the Dark Elf skins isn't too, too bad, but I find certain mouths look like they are off to the side of the face o.O
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I agree that little shaded noses would be cute! Unfortunately, most if not all of the noses we have make mouths look horribly wonky and off, and I feel like if noses were accommodated to fit mouth position, suddenly they would look wrong in relation to eyes...anyways, I'm all for more good-looking noses!

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