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Since The stupid world update you don't see anymore people in Rally nor Hollywood! I know there are lots of people in towns but I hate the graphics I really want the old Hollywood back. I want to know where does everybody hangout question
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Desirable Ladykiller

Forums, obviously
where else
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i hangout in my aquarium bc its the only legit place now.............
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The Chatterbox. Since the beginning.
Rally seemed pretty crowded to me. :/
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it sure isnt guilds sadly...
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Guilds are usually my place to hang out nowadays. They get more awesome especially if you manage to get a close knit group from it.

Edit: ^Hah... I guess you just haven't been so lucky.
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I hang out in the exchange. have been since fall 2004
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Guilds still need a major overhaul, it's too much of a hassle to hang out in them so I've given up trying :c

I stick to forums.
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I always forget guilds exist, actually.
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Lazarus Larkin
I always forget guilds exist, actually.

Sadly, me too.
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I meet people through the forums & then we talk one-on-one through comments & PMs.
It's a more personal way of talking with friends, & even some people I don't know well.
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Breedables and Changing Pets + Art Shops...
is pretty much where I hang out most of the time.

I drop by GCD and Sitefeedback during slow times
and/or when I'm dreadfully bored. >>;

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The only place I see a large influx of people is in specific parts of zOMG! nowadays.
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If you figure it out, please let me know.
This place is a snoozefest without anyone to talk to anymore.

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