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Destructive Ally

Guilds still need a major overhaul, it's too much of a hassle to hang out in them so I've given up trying :c

I stick to forums.

Guilds die and private clubs never seem to inviting to outsiders, fresh meat runs out fast.
I like to haunt the art forums, since always.
The other forums are not too bad but I can't handle the "serious" ones. Too much drama and circular logic.
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Perfect Pants

The WG. Or here. Or in a few guilds. Or in the Achievements forum. Or in zOMG. Or the Aquarium forum.

Actually there's a lot of places to go on Gaia...
Forums and Zomg maybe?
And if you go Zomg it's mostly Papa Saw.
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Magnetic Prophet

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I hear this zOMG! place is quite awesome. You should check it out. Gaming+hanging out. Can't get better than that. No sireee
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Rally. JK. Ew.
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I used to hang in Towns but the people I did that with moved on and I just hang out in LD usually.
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Its where the cook people are.
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Friends chat or whatever it's called.
But we must pay

I love Towns 2 graphic, so HQ and happy colours TBH.
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Whenever I go on rally and hollywood there's plenty of people. Especially rally. It's always crowded.
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Aquarium forum unfortunately. Knee deep in bootygrabbing and too busy to do anything else. sweatdrop
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Nimble Risk-Taker

Guilds, of course. While the layout reaaaally needs an overhaul to match with the rest of the site, it's no different than forums. But it's semi-private and there's less bullshit. smile

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Sparkly Fairy

I hang out in the towns collecting trash. In fact, I've been collecting for the past 2-3 weeks and I made about 1 mil gold. Yeah....So thats happening.

When I'm not in the towns, I'm in Life Issues.
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Cheery Scrooge

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Ma Ajmala
I hang out in the exchange. have been since fall 2004

Everywhere. emotion_donotwant

But...pretty much this.
like...only for a few months.
~King Awesome
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Rally always seems to be full, but I never see anyone in Virtual Hollywood anymore, particularly the nightclub or whatever that place is. It always used to be crammed FULL of people. I don't know if I just go there at the wrong times, but it doesn't matter. I only went to eavesdrop on other people's conversations anyway. sweatdrop

But otherwise, I hangout in the Aquarium forum, or skim the GD. And if neither of those interest me, I just surf the marketplace.
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Oh I hate the new vh too evil
It's too slow Dx Guess people have moved to towns a bit recently. Since you can run and not take forever to chat there >.>

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