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You're never guaranteed an item will remain a good investment. You tend not to get too surprised after a while.

I've always come and gone depending on what's going on in my life. I always regret missing out on events, but I know the time was spent with my family, so it's worth it.
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These days, when it comes to Gaia, I am in a state of flux.
I log in, collect my dailies and look at my profile.
That is about it.
I changed my avatar the other day for the first time in almost a month. That's a long time for me

A while ago, i had left gaia for many months and when i came back.
I didn't feel like i belonged and i didn't know how to talk to my friends.
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Every time I come back from being away it seems that more and more of my friends are gone. :C
I always seem to come back to Gaia in the summer and during events. I love to see what new items have come out and added to the shops. : ) The thing that always brings me back is the items, since the items on Gaia really are some of my favourite. Of course, I've noticed the inflation/deflation too with a lot of my items. Still forever mad about fresh grass skirt hahaha.

Another big reason that I always seem to come back to Gaia is the fact that it has such a large userbase, so the forums are never empty or devoid of topics to talk about. On other avatar sites that I used to frequent, I would get bored since it would only be the same handful of people posting.
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User ImageWait, we're allowed to leave?

I've never taken a break in over seven years, I don't see why I would. Gaia is a hobby of mine, no girlfriend/boyfriend, job, video game, obligation is going to take up so much of my time that I can't take half an hour out of each day to check out what's going on with Gaia. During any times of less activity, I still find the time to log in and check the announcements and keep up with current events, even if I don't post.

It's always annoyed the heck out of me when friends or loved ones totally change for some reason, giving up things that they love because they "don't have time" yet they manage to make time for all sorts of other equally frivolous uses of their time. If you like something, make time for it.
yes. This is me to a tea. :3

People who don't have time for Gaia are lame-os
On occasion I'm on less. But I'm never gone totally.
I left Gaia for about 2 1/2 years~ I didn't really have time to come on every day but recently that changed so I decided to come back on and see what was new.
Didn't really pay too much attention to the marketplace or items because I don't really sell/buy from there. I dress my avatar with what I already have so I guess I just haven't noticed that part.
I did notice that people are paying WAY more for lower-quality art than before. I've spent some time looking through shops and the prices some people are charging seem really ridiculous. Maybe it's just me?
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I tend to come back around event time. I get all nostalgic, especially near Halloween for some reason.

Any time in between, it's usually for the items. I'll be honest - I still like playing dress up. xD Most of the time I don't even go into the forums, unless I'm looking for RIG lists or something. I will just change my avatar and log back out, never posting anywhere.

I'm a compulsive buyer, though. I really couldn't tell you if my items were good investments, because most of the time I don't remember what I bought them for.
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I left for a while and nothing really changed.

I'm not completely back yet, I just log in sometimes to check out annoucements and stuff. Dressing my avatar is still pretty fun too.
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I came back this past weekend after having been gone for about 2 years...

And I was kinda upset to find that some of my items, like the Kiki Kitty for instance, had gone down in price.

I've always been into that art craze, I used to spend thousands of gold on art of my OCs, but I had kinda planned that one day I would come back after a long absence and just sell everything that I own and just buy a s**t ton of art with the earnings.

But everytime I go away and come back with the intent to do that I chicken out because I think "Well...maybe I wanna continue to play on here..." xD

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" Target acquired. "

              »»» Gold is easier to make, which is probably why art prices have increased. Certain items have deflated because the demand is low, or they keep getting re-released and just are not worth the bother. Other items have been eaten up by Alchemy, so the price has gone up.

              Welcome back.

" Shutting down. "
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I regret missing Gaia's 10 year anniversary. Such cool freebies emo
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I've been into Gaia on and off since '04, and every hiatus brings good and bad. Most recently I left for about a year then started logging in again to play Resort World (RIP). When that was gone I started getting back into Gaia proper and getting really involved in events for the first time. It made me wish I had participated more fully in the past.

A few of my accumulated items had gone up in value, but nothing spectacular.
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It's great to see changes, I loved those little changes when I was away for a while back in 2008. I haven't been away from Gaia for that long. It's very likely the items will continue to crash down in prices since there are way more choices now. Unless something dramatic plan will happen.

Events are fun but don't think I would have missed any if I did missed those smile
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I came back after a few years of "quitting." I only came back because the busy days are now over and I'm bored. No, I did not find myself shocked at some of the changes at all. I don't really monitor prices so I'm not sure. I regret missing the even where you get those mini wings anniversary thingy. I could have hoarded them. xp

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