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Do you use Tektek?

Yes, every day 0.19298245614035 19.3% [ 33 ]
Yes, sometimes 0.74269005847953 74.3% [ 127 ]
Nope, never 0.064327485380117 6.4% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 171 ]
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Deathflight's avatar

Hallowed Prophet

For dress up, I use tektek as a place to look for items by color. I use the avatar dress up function on gaia because it's more accurate with layering so I don't get my hopes up for good combos that won't function on gaia. Since I tend to have a lot of avis, I'll save on there as well.

It's also useful when I want to search my invo. I don't have tons and tons of items, but it can still get frustrating sometimes looking for that one particular pose off of an item whose name you don't remember.

I'll look up my account worth on there sometimes (around 220 mil at the moment) but some items are just way inflated. And some of my bundle/letter hoards don't show up either. So I'll have to add/subtract a few mil in order to try to get a more accurate read.
Koroux's avatar

Magic Glitch

I use tektek quite a bit... sweatdrop
It's nice when looking for a specific pose, or just items to go with a base I came up with. c:
There are some things I don't like about it though- like why is the hair in the head section when hair already has a section? ;w;

though I have to say, tektek layering can be SO DECEIVING and sometimes it's better than the Gaia layering. For example:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Princess honore blouse + compass of seidh valkyrie chest armor, gaia vs. tektek layering
god I wanted to use this so bad but
it layers so awfully on Gaia ;w;
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Inquisitive Spirit

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I personally use Tektek to help me finish outfits, like when I need that last one or two pieces to add and I need to search my inventory more thoroughly, one of the things I like most about tektek is how it's organized. I've love it if we could search our own inventory on Gaia by by color/pose, like if I wanted to look for like silver accessories for example. That'd would be awesome. I'd be so happy. I don't really prefer the layering on tektek myself, some times you do get cool layering that doesn't work on Gaia, but it doesn't happen often enough for me to worry about it.

My current account worth- 266,025,945, but you can take about 30 million off to inflation. It says my Arion is worth 20,500,000, ha I wish, he usually goes for around 5-7 million.

63pgs of accessories, 9pg of back/tails, 4pg of backgrounds, 9pg of bottoms/lowers, 5pg of companions, 4pg of eyes, 8pg of feet, 8pg of hair, 34pg of hands, 30pg of head, 2pg of mouths,
3pg of I Am's, 1pg of skins,1pg of tattoos, 25pg of top/uppers, and finally 2 pages of wings.

Crap I have a lot of stuff, it's like my rl closet, it's in bad need of cleaning and organizing. Funny how I have so many hand poses and its one of the things I use the least, I rarely hold items when I make outfits, only occasionally.
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Demonic Darling

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I use tektek to keep track of all my outfits. I don't necessarily want to wear them again but I like to look at them so I recreate them on tektek then save them to a certain tag.
I also use it when I need a certain item in a certain color or something but I don't have a good one in my inventory. So if I need like, blue shoes, I'll look at all the shoes under the color blue til I find a pair I like.
chai fae's avatar

Magical Kitten

I mostly use tektek as an item finder, like when I am looking for blue shoes or something. Its easier to search for items on tektek, but whenever I am making new avis I have both tektek and the dress up page open so I can double check the layering on everything.

My account worth is apparently 25.8 million. Holy smokes when did that happen? Last I checked, just a couple months ago, it was only 12 million. I haven't done anything to make gold since then. Looking through the list none of my items are vastly inflated or anything...
A Redhead Angel's avatar

Invisible Player

I use tektek for color matching. If I need something that matched an item I will scroll through tektek to find a match. The layering is so screwy it is hard to make an outfit on there.
K i m z y's avatar

Moonlight Girl

If I'm on Tektek it's mostly to put together an outfit for an event.
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Apocalyptic Deadeye

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If I'm on Tektek, it's for 2 reasons:

Tektek-ing for people or to find something that can break my girlfriend's avatar block.

Last I saw, my account worth was 56 mil or so.
-goes to check-

Some items are inflated, so my worth now....
68,918,929 ($1,722.97 at 100,000 gold per $2.50)

Minus 2 mil cause one item is seriously overly inflated...
Bringing it to 66.9 mil, give or take.

Yeah. Still broke.
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Lavish Lunatic

Well, with the new gaia dress-up (searching all gaia! YAY! Too bad not all items are in there) I usually just make avatars on gaia itself, however, nowadays I don't remember the names of every item anymore and so tektek helps me look for that specific item. emotion_dowant

I would really miss it if it ever broke down!

Also once a year or so, I try to find out which of my items is worth a lot.. xd
Nowadays, my total worth is pretty stable since I don't invest anymore.
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Gracious Lunatic

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i use to see how much i am worth, and CI lists
Liber Chronicarum's avatar

Kawaii Carnivore

I just use it when I am looking for an item to complete a W.I.P avi . Or when I have created something I like in my wardrobe with InvoSearch , but need to change my avi or whatever . I then go on tektek,and put all the items and poses that make the avi , even if it looks like s**t on tektek because the layering is so so so faulty .Like that , when I want to quest for it a few weeks later , I can find how I did it again.
I used to play a lot with tektek in the older days , but now, I am growing tired of it : you get so many bad surprises when you go try the outfit on Gaia !
So I am giving tektek the cold shoulder because he lied to me too many times about . Trust is very important in a stable relationship, you know.

My account ' s worth is apparently 8 mil. I am extremely surprised O_O .I mean , 90 % of my wardrobe is composed of items -100k .This is truly a mystery . Maybe it ' s because of my hoarder nature .
*re-checks *
No. Some items are really inflated >w>; , in the end I am not that rich .
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Bashful Exhibitionist

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I used it a few times but not anymore. It has some good features but I don't really need them. I have a good memory of the items/poses that I can use for my outfits so I already know what to look for when I need something.
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Kitt Koneko's Spouse

Friendly Cultist

I used to use it to find specific items for an already mostly made avatar. Like if I'm really struggling to buy a hat then I'll rebuild part of my avatar in tektek and look for a hat. Sometimes if I have gold that's burning a hole in my pixel pocket I'll fuss around tektek to see if anything catches my eye.
I mostly just use it in avatar contests though. One of my favorite contests in an ongoing weekly or biweekly contest based around a different item combination. It's allowed to use dream free so I love going in there and making some Gaia impossible avatars.

I'd love to have adjustable layering like tektek's Dream Free, but I know that will probably never happen. Might be a good thing too--I always get really carried away. xD Hair layering...shoe layering...lol
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Magical Girl

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Tektek's layering is a filthy, filthy whore!!! A lot of the times it will layer awesome then you get on Gaia and it looks like a pile or pixel errors. IT makes me sad.
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pandiebun's Husband


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Fox on Stilts
My main use for tektek is coordinating an outfit together around an item or color that I'm obsessing over at the moment. I want it to be perfect before I start buying it all on gaia.

I'll also use it when I'm questing something.

This ^
Love your avi btw

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