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Do you use Tektek?

Yes, every day 0.19298245614035 19.3% [ 33 ]
Yes, sometimes 0.74269005847953 74.3% [ 127 ]
Nope, never 0.064327485380117 6.4% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 171 ]
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Hello, GCD

Probably many Gaians use Tektek.
Creating Dream Avis for yourself or someone else, or just fiddle around with your Inventory.

I mainly use Tektek for myself, when I create a Cosplay for my Avatar or try to find specific items.

Also, sometimes I check my inventory's worth and how many items I have in each page.


- What do YOU use Tektek for?
- Would you like Gaia to be more like Tektek in some things?
- Do you prefer the layering in Tektek or Gaia?

and out of curiosity

- What's your inventory worth, according to Tektek?
- How many pages do you have for each item?

For those who not know Tektek, or don't know how to Tektek with your Inventory, follow this link

- Would you like Gaia to be more like Tektek in some things?
When it comes to item arranging, I'd love a system similiar to Tektek.

- Do you prefer the layering in Tektek or Gaia?
Hmmm... for me it's 50/50
Some things layer just better on Tektek, but some things look better on Gaia.
It would be cool if we could layer multiple hairs together to create new hair styles.

- What's your inventory worth, according to Tektek?

- How many pages do you have for each item?
Right now, I have 43 pages in Accessories, 9 in Back/Tails, 3 in Backgrounds, 10 in Bottom/Lower, 2 in Companions, 4 in Eyes, 10 in Feet, 10 in Hair, 25 in Hands, 30 in Head, 3 in Mouths, 1 in 'I Am', 1 in Skins, 1 in Tattoos, 25 in Top/Upper, 1 in Wings

Edit: Upping and editing this, since on the first glance, I saw no topic about this yet.
Apparantly, Tektek splitted pink and purple now.
Your opinion on it?

I'm glad they did so, it was really about time
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Tektek's layering (by default) sucks sometimes. I cant layer a chef-tie and a bow-tie like a cute bow (the chef tie goes over the bow-tie in tektek, unless I manually change it) and the layering in tektek is very deceitful sometimes. Nothing's worse than an amazing avatar ruined by gaia's constraints!

I use tektek as an item-finder, mainly. "Kitty" to find out the name of Bubu (Just learned today!) I went on a three...four year hiatus? I come back to find a lot of items are new to me.
The one thing about tektek that I hate is how long it takes them to update the items. The GCD can get all the poses and secret poses of an item before the tektek peoples, and its frusterating that they're STILL updating items weeks after a RIG's came out.

I do love that the tool exists though.

Specially their cost calc. It helps me find what items I dont use and how much they're worth, so I know what to sell first.

another qualm:
I know gaia used to have a small amount of pink/purple items, but I think it's time to seperate the pink and purple items now.

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After an hiatus, i'm using tektek to discover new items and make different avies with my inventory (or cheap alternatives to pricey items)

What i wish gaia had that tektek does, is the option to sort items by color and/or type (on the inventory per se). The actual inventory system is quite annoying in that matter.

I don't mind the layering much, but an option to be able to arrange the layers like tektek's would be amazing, if possible.
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I pretty much only use TekTek these days when I'm having trouble finding specific items to go with my avatar. Perhaps I'm looking for a red hair that I like, or pink eyes, I'll head on over to TekTek and brows them all to see what's available that I can afford.

As for layering.. well, I rarely make avatars from scratch with TekTek, so I prefer Gaia's. If they changed it now, I'd be all screwed up

I don't bother checking my account worth anymore, since I always have at least one item that's currently over-inflated and makes my worth obscenely ridiculous. Today it's the Black Bubble-Eye Goldfish Hat, making my inventory worth over 2,000,000,000 gold rolleyes
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I use Tektek to remind myself what I have in my inventory. Since it shows all the poses without having to click on every item I own, I can see poses I don't really use, or figure out where something I know I have comes from. I also love my eye mods, but can never remember half of them, since only a handful come up when I type "eye" or "eyes" into inventory search.

I also like to see which of my items have shot up massively in price. emotion_dowant
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I usually use tektek as an item finder, and sometimes to attempt to design partial avis when I get the ludicrous idea to shave and be a chick.

these days I just use the quest bar and designs for RP characters. That way it can be stupidly expensive and no regretssss
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I only use it to get eyeballs of prices in my inventory and see what some simple avatars can look like. I can't stand to use it long enough to mock up more complex avatars.
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I use it to find items that will go well with ones in my inventory that I'm trying to make an outfit out of. Of course, when I do that I make sure to have the dress up page open so I can confirm item layering in correspondence to TekTek as I go, as it's frustrating to make an avi on TekTek only to realise that it has unrealistic layering on Gaia.
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My main use for tektek is coordinating an outfit together around an item or color that I'm obsessing over at the moment. I want it to be perfect before I start buying it all on gaia.

I'll also use it when I'm questing something.
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another qualm:
I know gaia used to have a small amount of pink/purple items, but I think it's time to seperate the pink and purple items now.


Yes please.
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          I like to use the enviro function, since it takes me through my Account Worth first (which is always nice for picking out items I don't use anymore, this is usually my source for managing which items to sell or keep). Then the enviro itself is handy since my invo is starting to get large, and since my invo is arranged by color I can't always find the color I need just based on the color of the icon. So it's a huge component in my dress-up routine, though I never actually dress up the base on there. Sometimes I'll use the main dream avatar generator to find items I don't own but that's usually when I'm about to start a massive quest...in which I comb through every page tektek has available to find individual poses...
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I use TekTek for colour matching. With so many multi-pose items... I NEVER remember what poses are in what items. So it's nice to be able to search by colour on there and find things that kinda go together. smile
Back when I wasn't sure what kind of avatar I wanted, I used tektek to accomplish said problem to both create new ones and keep track of prices of current ones.

Now I mainly use it for account worth (around 70 mil for your curiosity), because I've had the same avatar for about a year now. Also, unless I feel like starting from scratch, I normally use the My Avatar search item feature on Gaia now. It's more reliable for layering, and I own most of the items I like on gaia at this point, so my inventory holds a majority of the ones I'm liable to use anymore.

But for when I need it, tektek is still a great way to browse/find items, and to pass time.

I also like to browse tags of saved avatars, haha.
I used to use TekTek to create dream avis, but now I rarely go on it.
I really like how organized Tektek is. It's an OCD's dream!
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+.♦.+ Diamond Dust +.♦.+

I actually use Tektek to make roleplay character cosplays and sometimes other cosplays that are well known in media. 3nodding

And yes, I actually go on a quest for those item even if it's a HEFTY price. sweatdrop


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