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i am mostly a gcder..
I used to be a big Gaia Aquarium user back in the day.
now I just lurk here, AT, Pokemon and CB.
When it's late at night and nobody I know is online.. I go be a d**k in the CB.
Feels good man
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Ruthless Cutesmasher

I feel like this all the time. I seriously need to join a guild with a fairly small but close community so I can actually enjoy gaia for a change.
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Beloved Perfectionist

i love the concept of guilds... but they arent very lively anymore. makes me sad
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Devout Gaian

I think you should go around and find where suits you. I didn't expect to become a GCD person... but I started to post more often here that I became horribly comfortable.

I think the feeling will be natural and not stressful about where to belong. : )
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Mewling Muse

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I haven't seriously posted in ages. I just don't know how to reply to this, and I'm losing interest in gaia as a whole.
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Don't force yourself

If you find you want to post a lot, find an area of interest you're currently into right now and just find threads/forums about it and post there.

The Hot Topics forums are pretty good for that right now.

Especially if you watch tv/shows/cartoons/anime/movies.
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O.G. Nerd

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I spend most of my time here in the GCD, even if I'm just lurking. It's where I feel the most comfortable, I like the people, and there is always something interesting to talk about.
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I used to hang out more in the Mini Shops all the time when I had my own store and never ventured further. Then I started TekTeking and chilled out in the Dressing Room. Now I sorta flit beween the GCD, Mini Shops, Dressing Room or AT. If I'm bored of all of them I go collect flowers in towns.
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Salty Sex Symbol

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I'll just intrude myself upon someone elses' conversations. It's a public forum, It's not the same as barging into a room and starting to talk over people.I like being in the GCD because I feel people are just a smidge more mature than other places; LD is ridiculous with its trolls and I like to give advice in LI but it seems like no one wants to take my advice.
I like RLF&S and won't set foot in the GD.
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Dan D Lie N
i love the concept of guilds... but they arent very lively anymore. makes me sad

I'm the Doctor.

Same. The guild I mostly post in now is one I've been in for 3 years...we used to go through pages upon pages of posts in one day, and now we probably only make enough posts for one page.
Basically, run.
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I lurk/post in a lot of forums so it has never been a problem.
I used to hangout in various guilds but always felt out of place.
Everyone already had their own groups/families and I was always late to the party.
Now i'm just lurking around forums and trying to find my place.
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I was a total guildy for years. I recently started to venture out of guilds though. I am still looking for that home but will find it one day. I'm just having fun posting until then.
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Beloved Lover

User ImageIt can be tough to find a good place to post sometimes. I'm mostly a GCDer, but there are often times when there are just no threads that interest me. I've seen it all before, and the GCD seems to move slower than it once did.

When that happens, I try other forums, like site feedback or z!F. But that usually doesn't yield much, so I either find something else to do or I log off entirely.

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