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it definitely looked like one when I first joined xD
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You bring up many a good point. I admit now may not be the time for it. But I still dont think either of those have great virtual worlds. Maple story has an interesting look but the characters are a tad too diminutive, music is their strong suit as well as interface and battle class system.
Cyworld looks a little flat in comparison to Gaia though Quite literally. Something that did catch my eye was that they have an optional 3-d virtual world. Still, Zomg is largely composed of 3-d elements as well.
Perhaps in the future. I shall dream -,-.
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I've always known it was American, because I'm a weeaboo, and we can tell. Aboo.

Everything being written in American English helped, too.
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Lanzer has an Asian background.... Not that it means anything now.
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I never cared.
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I always knew, and I always think websites like these are from California.
I liked tinier me too though...
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I always knew Gaia was Californian because you had to use the post office to donate back in the day. That required you know the address, which was given.
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'merica 3nodding
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It's American but from what I gather it's international so, yeah.
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this hardly feels like a discussion...
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I thought it was american, since it's in english.
Had it been asian it most likely wouldn't be in english.

But honestly, since I can read, understand and use the site I couldn't care less where it's from.
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I just assumed it was an American website.
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...i thought it was a canadian site the first time i heard about it from deviantart. u n u ;;

but yep, it's american! (hey, i wasn't too far off, geography-wise!)
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Isn't everything on the internet based out of California?

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