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One surprising one I would want redone would be the ye olden elemental wing-sets because the recent spring of backwings really shows they've improved as well as finally learned the nice 3/4th view in items which basically was the reason no-one liked to wear the elemental wings because the angling of the item was HORRENDOUS.

I adore the ink wings but they really could use an update
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Wonder if I should start a list in the OP for the most suggested items...
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I want another voodoo REI like Jinxi's Charm but redone with amazing wild hair, cool tribal tattoos (Like Jinxi, but maybe in better colors and with more intricate, ornate voodoo designs). Maybe some interesting backgrounds...There was so much potential in Jinxi (And don't get me wrong, I still like it) but a lot of it was spent on headdresses.

I just want more occult/pagan/voodoo stuff 4laugh
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Whatever happened to grass skirts and animal pj's and leaves on our heads?
Those were all the rage back in the days.
I say more pj's.
o u o b

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Beast Henshin
Wonder if I should start a list in the OP for the most suggested items...

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That would be great!

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It's kinda weird but I'd like to see Staff of Angels to be a bit softer. And have pose for only it glowing in addition to its non-glowing state. And then the Elemental Wigs could do a good remade pixel too. I would love to see the water and wind/breeze hairs more flowy.
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Horns of the Demon~ I like the shape and positioning (mostly) but I'd like a version that matched perfectly the Wed to Darkness' tail/Mammon's Wings C:

We need some alchemy halos, horns and tails to match our angel/demon wings XD
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Tama basket would be great I always liked the item and the theme had potential but it both fell short and the pixeling its very dull.
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Inari beads the colors are so odd with the newer items and Shadow legend.
Demonic Halo

I have an attachment to it but it looks kind of bad now. Let's be honest though I probably wouldnt be able to afford the re-release.
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I would like a lot of the housing items to be revamped to look a bit newer and also...more colors! 4laugh
Like many shades of pink *cough cough* ninja
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I would love a revamp of lyndexer's journal
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The rapunzel hair items.
Pixled better, with no ribbon options + in more updated colours.

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I'd like the doll ears to be fixed, and have a couple of more re-colors yum_cupcake
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Honestly....the first thing that popped into my head was those G-LOL Slippers in Durem Depot. Gawd those things are ugly......

They could look pretty cool with a modern update. Right now they look like they're made of cardboard. emotion_donotwant

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