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Perfect Pumpkin

Once you're had some good conversations, or what ever.

I've got 4 request waiting for my approval right now. They've been there for... Oh.. Coming on 2 years? A year and a half? I don't even know. I've grown attached to those requests. I just can't accept them or delete them.
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Kawaii Man-Lover

I automatically shoot down any friend request, unless it has something to do with the Resort World game.
A user would have to get to know me for a bit before any sort of request can be sent, unless I send it first. It's not a contest to have the most amount of "friends" on the site. (unless there was an achievement, then I could see something to this effect happening all over the place) Plus, I feel if there was a large list, good and awesome friends would get lost in the whole collective. >.<
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Invisible Player

Most of my friends have come from guilds or zOMG. Occasionally i will make friends while venturing into more specific forums, like the Hot Topic ones.
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Destructive Glitch

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I really don't care for friends on Gaia since I don't end up talking to any most of them anyway. Mostly I have (or had before I deleted them all) friends for zOMG invites and blue dots during events, but really I accept anyone & everyone who adds me.
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Codebreaking Genius

I friend someone after I've had a meaningful conversation with them and wish to have more.

I don't see much of a point in being super exclusive about who you add, if they end up being jerks you can just remove them from your list.

That being said, I haven't added anyone in ages.
I just don't seem to have meaningful, one-on-one, conversations with random users anymore.
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Best case scenario: Never.
But sometimes out of propriety or necessity, or love you must friend people...
I friend people when the following criteria are met:
1. I know them, either IRL or from some other close repeated contact.
2. I like them.
3. they are not obnoxious.

Other wise... no friend request no accept of friend request sent.

Stay out of my Friends-list! scream Don't clog it up with your jibble jabble!
Generally, I befriend people who:
a.) are cool to talk to
b.) seem like they have at least a lick of wit and intelligence
c.) don't beg me for my items/gold
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Generally, I befriend people who:
a.) are cool to talk to
b.) seem like they have at least a lick of wit and intelligence
c.) don't beg me for my items/gold

I really agree with all your points.
I have 3 Gaia only friends (my other friends are also friends in the real world.)
If I don't have anything in common with someone they are not a real friend. I made the mistake of accepting one person as a friend to be nice, and they annoyed me so much with inane comments and whining that I dropped them after a few days.

To the original poster:
If you want to make friends in Gaia, find people with common interests who you end up chatting with or running into a lot. Those are the people you want to befriend, as they can enhance your experience in Gaia.
Just don't get upset if they don't accept your request. As you can see by a lot of these posts, many people are careful about who they accept as a friend.
When you do send a friend request, put a little note in as to why you would like to be a friend, such as your common interest. cat_mrgreen
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Unbeatable Ladykiller

I never send requests, but I'll accept a request as long as I have a decent conversation with someone. Although, I usually end up removing them because they stop talking to me.
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Adored Darling

I don't really befriend anyone. I'm too tired to, and I'm more of a rogue. I can't make anything a "home" or a reg spot because it's just boring.
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Dedicated Capitalist

I'll friend people if I've actually spoken with them before, online or in real life. Random friends requests scare me, so if you're going to send one to someone who doesn't know you exist, you should probably add a message.
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whenever there nice to me and have a good convo
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It generally goes-

* encounter BADASS AWESOME individual
* talk to and share own BADASS AWESOMENESS
* powers combine to form a nexus of BADASS AWESOMNITY
* add to Friendslist, aka. DIRECTORY OF BADASS AWESOME
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Gracious Wrangler

The point at which I tend to add someone is when we've gotten kicked out of a thread for off-topic chit-chat. If talking to them is important enough to go through ALL OF THE EFFORT of moving to another communication format, they're definitely a right fit for the all-important "prime-real-estate" of your friends list.
If you want to make friends, my best recommendation is to talk at people violently until someone recognizes how spectacular you are and starts talking violently about whatever subject you've decided to invest yourself in with you.
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My real life friends, people I talk to a lot on Gaia by chance, and most of all, people in zOMG who just friend request me. I accept them o__o Even though I'll probably never talk to them or crew with them again. Heh.

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