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Tired of this REI bullcrap.

I second that notion with a HIGHFIVE!
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Magical Senshi

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The engraving feature of store jewelries.
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Dangerous Visionary

I would bring back the exchanges stare (Yeah yeah they aren't really gone but they are so underused they may as well be dead and gone) Also bring back the CLASSIC cinema in which anyone could just randomly join, throw crap the screen, and be annoying to everyone. The lag was so epic I so enjoyed using that feature. emotion_awesome

I would get rid of Alchemy, Rally, Hollywood, and the anime player.
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I'd bring back Ian not being a Vampire. BOOM BABY! dramallama

I don't mind the vampire part, but I'd like to make Ian dye his hair again!
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today's item reminded me of zooming right through trees and houses as a UFO in Towns.
They brought that back for a brief time for the Bee Movie sponsor, but the bees were laggy.
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I'd bring back literate users.
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Zweizi Galon
I'd bring back literate users.

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Fluffy Puppy

I would bring back Lex and Edy, most likely in a buddy cop movie!

Seriously, I do want those two back.
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Welcoming Pants

I would bring back all my friends that have left.
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Your Blushing Paladin
You know, one of Gaia's old features?

I would bring back Personals, It seemed LOL-tastic
Or maybe Labels, IDK

Tell me GCD, what was your favorite feature? Less favorite? Which ones do you miss? Which ones are you glad are gone?


shhhh~ loll

I would bring back possibly the Gaia Cinemas? I remember they had spacejam and other movies there once. LOL
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The engraving feature of store jewelries. I wasn't here when it was still available but sometimes I see such items being auctioned in the exchange before. I think it's a nice way to personalize gifts. 3nodding
omggg yesss x3 I miss it >.<
I wasn't around when jewelry engraving was around, but
it would be neat to see that come back. Also, having the header
bubble say "You have x Profile Comments" instead of just "Notifications"

It's not a Gaia feature, but I also really miss some of the friends
I met on here that left. Out of the large group of friends that used to be
here, only about 3 or 4 remain.

One thing I don't miss is the days before multiples of an item could be stacked into one icon.
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I wish they'd bring back the cinema. I recall going in there to watch adverts for sponsor items with my avatar when I was a newbie. Although I wasn't around for it, I'd like to see engraved jewelry make a return.
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I miss the map being 100000X more important to get to things. I liked exploring it and hoping to find something cool and new
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Emerald Green Skyline
Lulu the Mainspring Lady
I'd bring back the old message/trade notifications.

I miss getting "Envelope Exclamation Mark!' above my head. cry

Oh I miss this! I also miss getting the eek face to pop up when you had a rare event.

I miss that, too! ;A;
I'd also want the engraving option back.

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