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I kinda miss the old shops, they looked more like shops back then.
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I missed the old message layout, especially when you get a profile comment, you don't get a "notice", it gets straight to the point at "Hey, I've got ____Profile Comments."

So much this. Which is funny because it wasn't even altered all that long ago. Can't have been more than a year, at least.
watch as said system's been around since '10 and I lose all sense of time
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The only thing that I really miss is the old icon to indicate we have new pm's. I just find it too cute 3nodding
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For the record: It was the Power Picks that killed it. Nobody wants to play a feature if someone else can pay real money for better odds. Bring it back and slash the PP and I promise you that it will be more popular.
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The only thing that I really miss is the old icon to indicate we have new pm's. I just find it too cute 3nodding
I remember that!
Or I think so, that was beginning of 07, right?
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Angelic Halo for a limited time pls.
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The engraving feature of store jewelries. I wasn't here when it was still available but sometimes I see such items being auctioned in the exchange before. I think it's a nice way to personalize gifts. 3nodding
I'd have to agree, I really liked that feature too ^^
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Well it's not really "gone" per se. But I miss Kiki and Coco being the site mascots.

Now it's all Gaia-Tan other basic bitches. Kiki was the real OG.
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Old RIGS with good chances like Dark Reflection, Love Charm, Trickbox. All had classic items too
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I miss the gaia cinema. It was fun watching and chatting on the same time. ( And throwing popcorn)
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I mentioned this in another thread: the maps! I loved navigating on Gaia through the maps.
It was such a unique experience. Gaia wasn't just a regular website; it was its own little world.

I know that the current setup is way more practical (& user-friendly), but I loved the uniqueness of the maps.
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I guess I'd like to see how the site REALLY was back when it first started. Seeing the homepage shows me what I've never seen before which is really nice...
But i'd like to experiance a lot of the other stuff as well. Being from 07 I never got to see anything before that...

maybe just for a day or so to go back in time...
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Engraving jewelry and having our stores in our drop down boxes. Don't know why they got rid of either.
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zOMG events yo
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Oh gosh I miss the old notifications so much! ;A;
They were so adorable and I cried when they went away.

But other than that, old shops and engraving yes. ;A;

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