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Lulu the Mainspring Lady
I'd bring back the old message/trade notifications.

I miss getting "Envelope Exclamation Mark!' above my head. cry

I miss that too.

Yes please
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I miss the map ;_; that a was a really nice way to "interact" with the Gaia world.
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The link list, haha. I remember leaving the same review over and over for that 50 gold.
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I squeeed so hard when I saw we got the original header back. whee I think flowers may have started coming out of my head, anime-girl style. xd

I would love to see the engraved jewelry feature return. It is the the ultimate in personalization, and it seems like a feature a classic shop like Agatha's would offer. 3nodding Isn't that one feature that is now possible again because of Item Normalization? I think I remember reading that once . . . a long time ago . . . sweatdrop

I would love to have the option to navigate Gaia via the world map; it used to be compulsory, and I think some newer members may not want to take the time, but having to traverse the bridge to access the Hat Shoppe, Marketplace, Gambino Outfitters, and the Bank made Gaia feel like an immersive world, and I think some members would really enjoy getting that feeling back.

Although the current notification system is quite convenient, given that we often have a bunch of different types notifications at once (particularly on login), I thoroughly enjoyed seeing just an Envelope or Trade symbol or Megaphone or eek with an exclamation point as a notification that something special was happening.
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Your Blushing Paladin
You know, one of Gaia's old features?

I would bring back Personals, It seemed LOL-tastic
Or maybe Labels, IDK

Tell me GCD, what was your favorite feature? Less favorite? Which ones do you miss? Which ones are you glad are gone?

Gaia lotto. Make it have a link next to the Gaia Cash Tree or Daily Chance. It would always be there. Users would actually use it because it's in their face. Gold inflation moderately taken care of.
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I'd be happy if we got to keep this logo. I miss the logo starting with an uppercase letter. All lowercase letters for proper nouns just doesn't feel right.

Anyway, other than that, I'd like to bring back the ability to change headers. I remember I had my header as the sailor or the Easter bunny girl.
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Laughter by Night
pink links.

I'm assuming they haven't brought those back since I was last here. Maybe more giftboxes. I'm not sure if it just seemed like they were more common when we had fewer users or if they just don't come up as often.
That was weird to me when it happened. They changed Pink Links into giftboxes. They still call them Pink Links, but they are items with a gift box logo. You can buy them on the market.

For anyone that doesn't know or remember, Pink Links used to be a phenomenon where one thread titles in a forum glows pink. When you clicked it, you automatically got 1,000 gold (which was actually a significant amount back then).
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As a joke?

Personals. And then the area gets taken down again with a warning about meeting strangers online and whatnot.

For reals?

The zOMG! crew and development of the game. So much missed potential...
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I've only been here since '10. I don't think much has been removed since then, except for Bid blast, but that was really recent and I never used it anyway... Oh, and zomg went into maintenance mode, but that was sorta recent too sweatdrop
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I miss the engraving feature for certain jewelry items.
I have several engraved items that I cherish, and will never sell.

Here's an example of an engraving from someone I still know, and is a very dear friend (names are removed).
User Image
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I wasn't around for the engraving, but I would like the feature to return. I think it's be nice to give an engraved item to my partner.
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ZOMG trick or treating. crying
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    I liked the chat system we had where your avatar had a bubble that served as the window while you talked to another user. You would just type in it, I seem to remember? Obviously the system we have now is much better, but there was something very personal about having your avatar do the talking.
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I wish we could get back that chat system we had a while back.
The original merged arena, which I used to place a lot of importance and effort into competing in. There doesn't seem to be as much excitement about it nowadays.

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