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*Pregnancy reference for a thread not about pregnancy. Tis super clever rofl

Bonsoir o' GCD. Been a long time since I made a non-item list or fanthread.
Anyways, tonight let us talk about our expectations. Now what kind of expectations?
Hmm let me see, they could be expectations of the site, of users, or of items.
What are your expectations for this year? Pretty broad topic, but hey, discussion none-the-less.

On another note, as the GCD, we expect quite a lot of the site, don't we?
Is this because we are absolutely dedicated to the site, staff, and in internal workings?
Or are we simply very hard to please and have an unearthly amount of high expectations?
Do you think the staff is a bit overwhelmed by all of our needs? Our desires? Our bawwwness?
Furthermore, do we have a lot of unreasonable expectations? I might. Nah, I know I do. Yourself?

Discussion Points:

~> What items are you expecting to come from this year?
~> Have any of your past expectations regarding the site come true?
~> How about we evolve our conversation skills and move on without more discussion points?
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I've purged all expectations before Dec 21 last year and, sadly, have not generated newer ones.
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I like to keep my expectations low because if last year has taught me anything every item will result in some sort of fancy women's clothing.
I'm expecting that I'll buy lost of purple or pink items this year.
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Not sure about items I more expect Gaia to imporve how all the side features work, improve coding etc.

Though I really just want to see a beter balance this year for male vs female items and more use of prime colours last year was very light pastel colors.

Atleast we know it comes down to what kind of artists are employed by Gaia at the time.
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My expectations are super low because i feel super disappointed if they're too high. Even for a hope of a white recolor of Rosamund's Revenge and the hope of Ciro's return in a RIG sometime. My hopes were crushed last year, and I do still hold those tiny hopes but they'll be shattered again definitely...

edit : Rosamund's Redemption arrived and I hope my second hope comes true this year.
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I'm expecting that 'major update' to alchemy Narumi was talking about.

I'm expecting more of Gaia's games to get achievements.

I'm expecting MCs to be a lot like last year.

And I expect GCD to be more of the same, but different players.

EDIT: off topic, this was my 30,000th forum post. Yay me.
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i usually avoid expectation, for it has led to much disappointment. Though i do expect Gaia staff to think up more ways to tempt me with cash items.
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      it would be cool if there were more weapon/armor oriented items but im also expecting kawaii and frilly stuff which i don't really mind either but some people do
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iii uhh don't think I am expecting anything.

meh, it will probably be like last year.

frilly and pastelly.
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          Do I expect anything? Yeah I expect somethings out of Gaia this year. I do expect Gaia's going to really surprise us for the big ten year anniversary party. I expect to see more QTD mini events again. I really like seeing how the site reacts to those QTD mini events, especially the GCD and the SF. And I expect to see a lot of people eat their words when Gaia brings back flash space Trick-or-Treating and Caroling for Halloween and Xmas and lets both Rally and VH get in on the holiday environments. Snow on the streets of VH and the Rally lots along with Halloween decorations just might turn around a lot of people to at the very least understand why Gaia is doing what they're doing in the flash hangouts.

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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.I expect a decline in the color cream. yay.
But a rise in another color which I don't like and will become over used.

My glass always remains half empty with pee. emotion_donotwant

Even events have lost there high hope expectation from me. If we get a kick a** event which evolves a new mini plot line and not having to reply on cash then it will breath new GaiaLife into me. Gaia don't let my hope die. Easter 13 return to the Easter Bunny. Guest staring Jack and Santa bot.
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What items are you expecting to come from this year?
More snakes, frilly stuff and the usual EI that might blow my mind.

Have any of your past expectations regarding the site come true?
Not yet, no.

How about we evolve our conversation skills and move on without more discussion points?
This is madness!

I expect some good events here and there( I hope so ), a few MC's that are good, Some new CI's I'd like to play, giveaways and a good event for the 10th anniversary of Gaia. whee
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I expect Gaia to continue having existed in the past. I'm almost guaranteed that my expectations will never fail.
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I'm just always a-waitin for the next gold shop update 4laugh that and the newest Stinger evo emotion_kirakira heart

and aren't we overdue for something new in alchemy... ?

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