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The Bape Cow is the unofficial mascot of the Gaia UI and Branding teams. He's an extremely poorly-made papier-mâché horsey-thing, stolen from a high school art classroom by Brunosmad's younger sister because of his supreme awfulness and tragic beauty. He was named Bape Cow because:

    A) He is a quadruped, and if you squint really hard you might be able to imagine that he is a cow.

    B) Bape.

He proudly sits on the wall dividing my cubicle from Brunosmad's, surveying his domain and warding off evil spirits (i.e. people who tell us to do work). Our lovely friend Juno agreed to create a Bape Cow item after we embarked on an intense campaign of constant badgering. We had to lend her the Bape Cow for a few days as reference so she could render it accurately, and although we knew he was in good hands, those were some of the loneliest and emptiest days of our lives. I'm pleased to report that as of today, Bape Cow has come home.

When Juno asked how he should be priced, I suggested 666 Gold, but we later raised it to 6,666 because the Bape Cow is a premium designer item.

We hope that you're all enjoying your Bape Cows as much as we enjoy ours!
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AH!-HA! I knew that item had to be some sort of inside joke. XD

I love it.
Reminds me of Science of Sleep.

It looks sexy when you squint your eyes. redface
[User Image] domokun KEENO.
Bape says it all. 8'D

Awesome, thanks for explaining Cashmere~ :'3~
It's so adorably ugly. rofl
I love him <3.
This whole update was amazing, but he's just so cute ~<3.
Thank you for explaining this to us though =D.
Bape cow pwns. Nuff said.
Every morning when I come into work, I say a little prayer unto Bape Cow.
Cute... sort of x]]]
Bape Cow is the new religion.

*reads hymns fast.
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