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Fluffs do not make me excited.
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This looks like an interesting event! Should be exciting to see what comes of it. I would be most interested in a star fluff! Made of starstuff and sparkles. Who doesn't love sparkles!
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Interesting more lag for the slower computers and olders ones out there, but hey all good for the up to date and smoothly running computers.
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I believe this is going to be a great thing. Sure we start with fluffs but they said that we could have other kinds of pets in the future. I hope we get dragons or some sort of spirit creatures later on. Can't wait for the event this summer.
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Lazarus Larkin
The "eventually we might be able to equip them on our forum avatars" part actually cracks me up because we already have a ton of equippable fluffs

True, but this is equipping an item from a different system on the site, fluff or not. It's quite different having a static item in your inventory and putting it on, and having a changing data system/pet that's constantly in flux and then sticking it on your avatar.

It's kind of like when they first introduced evolving items, and the changes associated with them.

Codings a b***h
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The original fluff should be like, Gaia's version of Pokemon's Ditto. /shot
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Yen Quest
The original fluff should be like, Gaia's version of Pokemon's Ditto. /shot

Heh, I could get behind that idea. :]
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Heh, I could get behind that idea. :]
People be experimenting this pet system for sure if they got themselves a Ditto Fluff (if the pet system works the close enough like Pokemon's training system). The poor thing. xD
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I see a pirate ship.
Going Pirate again this summer emotion_dowant
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bumble bee fluff 4laugh heart
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Sounds good so far!
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Those are cute! I can't seem to access "Towns 2" because of my flash player, so I hope that the fluffs for pets feature could be somewhat like aquariums so that it's separately accessed.
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Jumping Jehosaphat
Fluffs do not make me excited.
I feel like if I could falcon-pawnch 'em like EB did, that ought to make up for overabundance of cuteness

>w> even though I'd have a baller time trying to breed freaks.
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like digimon partners! I hope there's a huge variety!
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the fluffs looks awesome, espicaially the bee!!

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