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Those new Gambino areas are looking fantastic smile
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A breeding system with this? -.-; I'm not a breeding kind of person, the only gaming thing that I liked to breed in games are Chao. I think I'll just skip this event, and only grab the wing stickers...
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I hope having the item from the April's Fool event isn't necessary... I never got it, but I would like to at least try participating in this event.
But if it involves extremely repetitive actions (collecting eggs, etc.) then I don't know how long I can do it... beyond getting any achievements.
I wish Gaia could create an event, just once, where it holds my attention and goes beyond doing the same thing for hours and hours at a time.

I also hope they don't abandon the feature (Like... every other feature on the site), but I know they inevitably will.
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Yes, I still want a cute winged unicorn fluff item!!

Draw my carnivorous bunny, SPLATTER
for me? Please?
emotion_kirakira CLICK HERE!
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At first, I thought it was a ripoff when I saw the first image of Isle of Gambino since it was from the world map. But after seeing the rest, I'm surprised that Gaia is planning to expand more in the Town (Although I also wish they can expand more on the world map... sweatdrop ) I can wait to explore Isle of Gambino once it's out.

As for the fluffs, the Orange and Bumblebee fluff are the cutest to me. I highly doubted about the "breedable system" since I don't know if it has any ties to the Alchemy stuff or not. But if not, I hope Gaia is planning to add more fluffs, including those from zOMG.

Uncle Kenny

There is a question I like to know about the fluffs once the upcoming event is open. I'm aware that we need the Soul of Fluff in order to participate in the event and that it's an "one soul per account." What I like to know is this: once we create the fluffs, will it be unsoulbouded?

I accidentally unlocked the Soul of Fluff in my mule account and got it soulbound. I would be upset if it still soulbounded once we finish creating the fluffs. >:
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xd All I can think of is those are the equivalent to those fuzzy things in Star Trek and I kinda wonder if you can breed characteristics/features into said fluffs.

>w< whole reason why I got back into Pokemon, man. Chain breeding moves, getting the right nature and abilities, ect.

Oh lawl, Tribbles? XD

Breeding pets seems like so much fun..As long as the actual pet designs are interesting and not just a bunch of Fluffs XD
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I am totes digging all of the fluffs. I'm very interested to see how a pet system will work.
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Thank you for all the information!
The bee fluff is so cuuuuuute emotion_0A0
And I love how the new areas look!
Not sure about the breeding thing, but I guess I'll just wait and see how it turns out~
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I want those fluffs. I want them all, especially the bumblebee one.
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I don't really see the appeal in Fluffs, even less as pets... I can't deny that I might change my mind once they're here and see how they work, but at this point... I just don't know what to think of it lol

Also, as for pets, I'd like an interactive puppy, one that looks like Bamf/Sam or a wolf like Siku/Nochi/Lobo that can move a bit around even if we stand still..
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Ugh, pet breeding sounds so unappealing.

Just... no interest in pets at all on this site. I never have wanted them and I doubt I'll ever use them.
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I'm pretty cautious on this one. Not more cutesy stuff please.

I may change my mind if you release a skull fluff >_<
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Ah that's a little disappointing. I'm not really into fluff based items at all.
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I hope having the item from the April's Fool event isn't necessary... I never got it, but I would like to at least try participating in this event.

Same here. I was unable to go on that day and if it becomes really important for the summer event then I'm screwed.

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