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Breeding system? Oh geez. It's gonna be like Pokemon all over again.
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I look forward to them putting 110% into this....for the first month

and then forget about it forever.
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    i am not really a big fluff fan, but they are pretty adorable and the idea of breeding them seems really cool.
    it does remind me of pokemon, which makes this 10x better in my opinion~

    i want a dog pet. that's all i would ever wish for. any dog, any color, dogs dogs dogs.

    as really awesome this seems though, the way gaia has handled recent features makes me hesitant to get super into it. BUT I AM STILL EXCITED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS
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So, when they were talking about a pet system, those fluffs are it.
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fluff dat yo. sorry wanted to say that and i am really really really realky excited about this. i wonder if this means zomg summon pets can be used outside of zomg in the future.
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This appeals far too much to the collector in me. I'm going to want to get the four shown (though really the pegacorn is the only one I really, really want).

As for Gambino... it's hard to judge by the pics, but the one that caught my attention was the bow of a ship. That intrigues me.
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Looking good so far. User Image
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Tragic l2abbit
Pic - User Image

also... cutesy unicorn fluff! emotion_kirakira

Aww nice. I like all of them, especially the cupcake and the pegacorn one. emotion_kirakira They will really stir Easter Bunny up...

It would be really nice and "Gaia-traditional" if the old fluffs from zOMG were be breedable/choosable pets too! Air Fluff, Sand Fluff, Coral/Barnacle Fluff, Clover Fluff, Sakura Fluff, Null Fluff, Crystal Fluff, Pumpkin Fluff, Gingerbread Fluff, Carrion Flower Fluff... But don't misunderstand, I love these new ones too biggrin
Here is a very nice "catalog" of the fluffs on zOMG Wiki: Fluffs Some nice quality pictures can be opened in the articles of the fluffs. There is also a bigger pic of Null Fluff and a Gingerbread Fluff (I don't remember when/where Gingerbread Fluffs have appeared, I guess at an Xmas event?

It's really nice to see the full map and the additions of Isle de Gambino too, we have about 1/8 of it on Towns 2 currently, soo pretty big 3nodding

I'm kinda excited about the summer event 3nodding
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looking forward to this
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I want ...a lemur . Or a lemur fluff . Not that it 'll ever happen , but whatever XD.
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Ok i am excited
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I have no interest in a breeding system if I'm honest. However I am excited about the possibility of Towns 2 being expanded.
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So many expectations, so many people will be disappointed.

Speaking of disappointment, looks like I will be so after all cause it looks more and more like I won't be into it.

I repeat

I do NOT want to feed and do all that. NO NO NO!
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Brace yourselves...
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
The Tribbles are coming...

Seriously though, pets sounds like a nice idea, as long as it doesn't create lag.
Maybe I'm reaching now, but pet abilities to help collect bugs/flowers/trash would be interesting to see...

Also, glad to see the Gambino area is nearing completion. Can't wait for the other 3 town hubs! heart
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So I was actually at the con today and I know there was a lot of the time where the video cast shut out, but yeah, they did mention that the fluffs WILL follow you in towns and equip at a later time.

We asked if other rigs or zOMG monsters could do that [since they already are animated] and they liked that idea so it's possible to see that.

Also the new arrows point the hidden flash spaces: rose underground, the bathroom [within rose underground], and heaven/hell. [Which you can get in by saying a specific line]

Also they were really against allowing the pets to "die" so I don't think they will have a drop/death system like with the fishes.

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