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Personally, my idiocy is responsible for the guild announcement cap.

Back during the S.I.N. versus B.O.O. event, I started a guild.
''Benevolent Order of the Overseer''

Someone else made sentinel's infernal nation.
And they both went viral, and people started flooding to join the guild related to the side they had joined.

At one point, there were over eleven thousand members in boo guild.
And as its leader, I was getting bombarded with PMs, from members who actually... thought booguild was a legit thing, like actually part of the event.

We had them up before the event started, we knew the team names, and just set up the guild as a sort of staging/planning thing, and as an area for team members to discuss why they were choosing which side they were on, what they thought the event was going to be like, and etcetera.

Needless to say, it got out of control pretty fast, haha.
The members thought I was actually like, leading team boo.
So I started sending out guild announcements.
Tons of guild announcements.

Like ten a day or so. Announcing event statistics, highlighting members, linking to youtube videos, etcetera.

Now I want you to think of something here.

five to ten announcements a day to about ten thousand people?
That's like an average of like eighty thousand messages a day!

There were people complaining about my announcement spam, and I honestly was laughing through all of it. The peak was when there was a site feedback thread up with a bunch of people clamoring to get me banned. That was pretty hilarious.

So then someone else suggested ''Why not limit how many messages can be sent a day?''

And that's the story of why you can only send one guild announcement per day.

So has anyone else here done anything crazy like that?
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No one will ever convince me you told a lie.

              Proudest moment on Gaia.. having my name tacked onto an item.. and item I designed! The feeling of finding out my entry was one of the winners was an amazing feeling. emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira

Moriarty was REAL!
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Holding My TekTek Contests.
And finally obtaining a Titus The Lion biggrin
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Teh Savior
And that's the story of why you can only send one guild announcement per day.

I hate you. LOL.

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emotion_bigheart Totaling up that I've donated 5mil in items and gold to strangers as of last year.
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My proudest and possibly most humiliating moment on Gaia are one in the same, and that's winning the name the forum contest with OMGaia.

It's still a sore spot for me. emotion_donotwant
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That I haven't been perma-banned yet.
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User Image
I have two proudest moments on Gaia:

1) Being the Featured Avatar for three days; the whole thing was an amazing experience.

2) Having both friends & strangers come to my defense when someone copied my avi & entered it in the arenas.
I was so incredibly touched by the gestures. People are amazing here. I felt so loved.
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Probably having my "Drag Race" 2.0 thread enter the Entertainment Forum directory. I just submitted it cause it was needed, but never thought that the owner of said directory would add it in.

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Ridley Starsmore
That I haven't been perma-banned yet.

What... why? D:

/thread; For me... staying as long as I have. Seriously... I normally go through fads with this kind of stuff. Gaia has taken my soul, and they're never letting go!
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Finishing my Fishing Trophy Set. I believe I'm 1 of 11 people (I finished it in December, 2012).

I'm retired now from fishing at this point but it was a great feeling knowing I had joined a list of people that had done something others had not.
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I was proud when I finally passed all my close friends in account worth, then proceeded to leave them in the dust. We had a bit of a race to 1 million gold back in the day, which I actually lost at the time.
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coining the abbreviation "tuna" (for attunement - a hateable word) that a lot of z!F'ers use. every time i look into the zOMG forum and see the word "tuna" being used it warms my heart.

i guess that may or may not give away my main zOMG account identity.
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I am seriously impressed by that. Less impressed by the folks who can't discern what is an official part of an event, but 100,000 messages a day? That would make me feel like some sort of nerdy god.
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Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
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emotion_bigheart Totaling up that I've donated 5mil in items and gold to strangers as of last year.

You rock. emotion_kirakira

I got donated a ton of stuff from one user, Mysteri Infiniti, who is apparently leaving Gaia.
Everything I have on, she gave me. I am so happy! crying

Incidentally, I am drawing art, for anyone who's interested. :3

Here is my deviantart~


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