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Ooh so people mostly DO find them disturbing! *is now convinced to have fightman keep my revolver polished* LAWL so awesome xd

hmm so come to think of it, which is actually the creepiest to you? I have to agree about mancat lol but the Catastrophe is on one of my other accounts atm

Wish there were options to at least choose what side to equip it on, then you could have two XD
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i personally love them .__. i find them hilarious~ <3
been trying to collect them but they are so expensive ;-;

though i never used any in my avatars, cept for manking and the catastrophe MAN.

the creepiest.. would have to be woMAN. - shivers-
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User ImageThe first one was MANtis, which kind of sort of made sense since it's a play on words and his posture is that of a preying mantis. But then reapersun made more, and now they are like one of those annoying memes everybody and their brother keeps regurgitating over and over till it makes no sense and just isn't funny any more.

thank you for putting it into words I couldnt

thats exactly what it is

a forced meme
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i love love lovvvvvvvvvve the MAN items. they have grown quite popular among the masses. ranging from items to events to art.

POP QUIZ: which MAN item was the very first one

answer here > MANtis
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It all started with MANtis(Who looks like a character from The Tick) and then became a series of MAN companions that came out through subsequent CIs.

fightMAN is meant to look like Tyler Durden from Fight Club.
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Reapersun... nuf said.
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They creep me out too, especially all the early RIG ones. It'd be less odd if they actually had similar proportions to actual avatars. I think the only ones slightly like that are the Celebrity Date ones.
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it is (im assuming) a inside joke, and they started in a rig, and now its just an exploded expectation.. lol
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I'm not entirely sure of the reason behind it,
but from what I know, it's sort of just one artists hobby.
the freaky set of MAN items.

The Fight one I'm fairly sure is a reference to the movie fight club.
Tots is :]
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Ahaha. They are rig and alchemy items. The only one I love is the Poke-Man one and I have it. I choose you, Poke-Man! Use stalker attack! heart
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Some people really like them and the MAN items grew a bit of a cult following

I think they're kinda funny, interesting anyway, but I wouldn't wear them
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the man items are all reapersuns imaginary boyfriends


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the man items are all reapersuns boyfriends
i thought it was just her one boyfriend cosplaying.
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MAN is a man I'd rapez. emotion_dowant
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Exhibit A: link

Nuff said.

I also remember a halloween event involving a ghost who posed similarly to the MAN characters...as well as the king one, or whatever. Was it last year's halloween? Or the year before? Well anyway, that's when they all just started to appear at once.

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