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Oh my ignorance, but anyone care to explain what these MAN creeps are, where it comes from. As far as I get it, it's some freaks for Alchemy but still.. You can use them on your avatar too.. so.. And what's that Alchemy about? Making stuff for ZOMG or?

I'm beginning to think it's something kinda sick (which I like! heh) .. I mean, the poses; especially that MANKING with his crotch being in censor mozaic. lol

I thought I could use FIGHTMAN companion as an all beaten-up goon following my Yakuza a**, But I'd love some clarity before that.
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i'm not certain, but i think they come from alchemy and rigs.

alchemy is a process which, with a right recepye, turns items and gold into something else. usually a single item for your avatar.
personally, i think it's a great gold sink, as well.
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I'm not entirely sure of the reason behind it,
but from what I know, it's sort of just one artists hobby.
the freaky set of MAN items.

The Fight one I'm fairly sure is a reference to the movie fight club.
Well, they're all creepy anyway, so I guess I'll go get some. 3nodding
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They all freak me out too much to actually equip them.

I'm guessing it's some pervert/***** joke? xd
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they exist for the reason of awesomeness.

bananaman is the best but manking is pretty close.
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Thought it was before alchemy.
Like, I think...maybe....That one Summer RIG...
The one with icecream and hot dogs.
Summer Swirl?
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Probably some weird Gaia staff office joke that has made it's way into the pixels...

I find them creepy as well, but also very funny!
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They started in RIGS, you can get one (or two?) from the Gold Mountain store, and yep, they're also in alchemy. I love those guys <3
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There is also a mini MAN companion in the Catastrophe item, although that isn't MAN's origin. Personally, I find catman from Catastrophe to be the creepiest/most disturbing of them all. burning_eyes
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the man items are all reapersuns boyfriends
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Thought it was before alchemy.
Like, I think...maybe....That one Summer RIG...
The one with icecream and hot dogs.
Summer Swirl?

Waaaaaay before alchemy (and before catastrophe too). Those things turned up before I left on hiatus and I came back to a face full of alchemy so.... yeah. They were born summer -09 or -10, I can't remember. Probably midsummer swirl RIG or something released around that time.

I think it has turned into a meme for the gaia artists now.
"We have a new RIG in the works, with _____ theme!"
"Great, what kind of MAN can we put into that?"
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i've always thought they were rather cute but i'd never use one
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User ImageThe first one was MANtis, which kind of sort of made sense since it's a play on words and his posture is that of a preying mantis. But then reapersun made more, and now they are like one of those annoying memes everybody and their brother keeps regurgitating over and over till it makes no sense and just isn't funny any more.
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the man items are all reapersuns boyfriends

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