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the $200 receipt that i poured into this site over the years.
The message I received when I won lotto. I got a little over 20m, if I remember correctly.

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gonk So old.
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Event messages from NPCs.
Old as crap Mod stuff.
Beta invites

That's about 90% of my Saved box. smile
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Ah, saw this thread and had to post/read through. Haha.

All my saved messages are tekteks I've collected over the years from users who tekteked me. It's actually really interesting to see what people have designed for me and to see the change in how people dress avatars from 3-4 years ago to now.
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Looks like mostly NPC messages from events, a few random ones about profile testing and zomg beta testing. Winning an avatar arena in like 2008 and then some fun messgaes or excited thank yous from people I've drawn for free in the past.

looking at all their post histories tho it would seem nearly all of them are gone now.
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Original Gaian

Oh gosh, this brings back memories. Art from 2004 St Patricks Day, a conversation involving me being an obnoxious ~so edgy~ 13 year old and a pet from the breedables forum I won in.. late 05.
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I just checked. There's only one letter to myself titled "reminder". It reads: "pay 400g back to THETHIRDSPIRT163". I have no idea who that is. This letter is 7 years old. I didn't even know it was there. hahaha
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1. an npc cupid PM from idk who lol 2012
2. profile code for my profile haha it's rly lame coding
3. this tarot card reading that was scary true so im gonna keep it foreveeeeeeeer
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User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I'm not sure at all what's it in, let me go and take a look.

Oh it's good and I'm going to read a few them again for old memories.

Most are art related things but I got a few in there with some great debate I got into. Really popcorn eating while reading these material. whee
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Feral Bunny

I haven't looked there in a while. *does so*
*comes back with screencaps*
User ImageUser Image

Ah, huh, most of these are quite old now...
Someone sent me a nice piece of freebie art.
Eh, someone sending me info about a thread I used to help run...I should delete that...
Someone read me my spirit animal.
There's stuff from my mule and Sisky back when I had my Nitemare Scarf stolen by a scammer (and freakin' got it back!).
Some random PM I sent to a then-newbie and their cute reply I liked apparently (and there are hints of my disgusting post style back then too gonk )
And there's a Yue avi I sent to my best friend at the time at the very bottom.
But most of it is a personal tracking history of how much GCash I would spend, most of it is back when I had a job and could donate... sweatdrop I should delete those, since there's the Order History page and I also get it emailed to me....
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Ah, this thread caught my eye.

It's been a loooooooooooooong time since I've looked in my save box.

There's a few things from when I was still a mod, and there's quite a few things that are profiles and art recieved. The best ones are funny valentines from friends, and my valentine from lanzer. lol

I really should clean it out since a lot of stuff isn't important anymore. sweatdrop

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