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Ruthless Reveler

just RP and commission stuff. A couple of really memorable gift messages and valentines (and people replying to my valentines, asking me wtf was i thinking)
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High-functioning Lunatic

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Imperial Shockies
http://s.cdn.gaiaonline.com/images/thumbnails/107de37ce2ed.png http://s.cdn.gaiaonline.com/images/thumbnails/f083604012241.png

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            Just some "Thanks for reporting!" PMs, a PM saying they can help me "earn more" which was just asking for my password lol. I saved my beta invites too. emotion_kirakira

♥ YUM! ♥
emotion_jawdrop why does yours look a lot better

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            I have BetterGaia installed on my browser, that's why. > u<

♥ YUM! ♥
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Waaaay back to 2005.

I have no idea what this meant back then.
sing once again with me, a strange duet

my power over you gets stronger yet

the phantom of the opera is here...inside your mind

No idea who that is anyway.

The best one is the Happy birthday one. There was a gaia cosplay contest and this awesome Sentinel cosplay was in, and I loved heeerr. She had some extra shots of her cosplay that she wouldn't share if she didn't win (and she didn't) but she did end up sending them to me for my burrday. :'D

Then other funny stuff...
free art
invites to cool projects
diedrich gifts
good anon gift messages
more free art
lots of npc's photoshopped onto pokemon bodies
npc cosplay photos from otakon 2k8
towns screencaps
some especially awesome conversations
a casting call for that lady gaga npc thing
even more free art
my arena win
and free art

it's a great little memory box~
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Beloved Foe

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♥ ♥

This again reminds me to put stuff in my saved folder. XD
I keep my most important PMs in my main inbox. I always
forget there is even a place to save them. I just am always
careful not to delete ones I find important.

I'd definitely keep the first PMs I received, my first real
high quality avatar art PM (my only high quality avatar art
PM I should say.. LOL), some meaningful PMs of people
I don't see anymore and I have the first PM my boyfriend
sent me when he basically just told me that he thought I
was cool.


the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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Kawaii Striker

I archive all my gifts too >_>

I also have some old Valentines and Christmas letters
a PM from Cresento (about golden giftboxes)
that glitched PM sent from Playtex where it wrote the same sentence over and over
my PM when I placed in the avatar arena

It's almost 2 whole pages of gifts
It's not till you get back to 2008 where we get some variety
Stuff I bought from shops, the knuffel I bought, videos from friends,
a Fruits Basket RP, an invite to zOMG Beta
and some old noobie messages

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Tiny Bunny

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Almost nothing is in my "saved" messages. To be honest, I just leave messages in my inbox. Apparently, I'm now on the 7th page... looks like it's time for some cleanup lol
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Loyal Gaian

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Mine are mostly PMs from NPCs.
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IRL Traveler

"Your item Lidless Demon Armor (Helm) was successfully sold to _____ for 109 gold." lol I cracked up seeing that, it was from 2008 and I must have saved it on accident.

On my old account I've saved:
tektek shop related stuff, zomg screencap messages, and receipt of some thread graphics.
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Star Star

A single anonymous Valentine from last year that I guess touched me when I felt low. Not that it's the only thing I've thought was saving, I just never think to actually save anything. sweatdrop I thought I had a reference number for a report in there, but apparently not.

And now it occurs to that it came from an anon gifting thread, and it was probably sent to a dozen people at least.
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Lonely Player

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Ruthless Reveler

Actually, now that I see other people saying they save PMs from scammers for the lulz, I think i ought to start saving the PMs from people trying to cyber with me. XD i deleted some lulzy ones, and now i regret it...
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Fluffy Lunatic

I save important stuff and thank you reports that have cute animals in them. I blame most of the moderation staff that decided to put cute animals in my thank you's rofl
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Fluffy Lunatic

o3o my fav saved one is from sisky XD
I have a PM from sisky because I said thank you to a freebie she did for me back in '09. heart
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Lonely Player

o3o my fav saved one is from sisky XD
I have a PM from sisky because I said thank you to a freebie she did for me back in '09. heart

aww how sweet heart

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