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Wheezing Sweetheart

those kickass boots from innocent thrall
i'd love them separate and in black. heart
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Smitten Spirit

          I'd really like the half-jackets from the Acceleration set without the arm mod[s].
          And the boots from Monsieur Loyal's Reprise { and all it's recolors } would have
          been nice to have without the pants. As would the top/vest in the same item[s].
          They allowed for the arm mod to be a single pose as well as paired with the top,
          but didn't offer the top without the mod.

          And all the versions of the Nephilim and Lestelle that have short-boots but that are
          attached to stockings that go almost all the way up to the groin area. And in the case
          of Lestelle - don't even layer properly with pants.The Gacha Master, Gacha Genius, and
          Capsule Master have the same issue with the boot-legging combo. It also would have
          been nice to be able to use the pants in those items with different shoes/boots since
          they are actually pretty well shaded.

          I also loved the look of the boots in Beneath the Juniper Tree, but the pants and the
          pose bugged me.
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Magic Worshipper

I kind of wish the blush from the Doe-Eyed Darling eyes came as it's own set of blushes in various colors, like with the Across Blush and Cheek Sparkles items. I am not a fan of the eyes, but I adore blush items, and I'd love a blush with cute little deer spots.
x n x
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Aekea Bunny

The 'pants' that Reapersun has been making. And any 'puff sleeve boleros' that have arms attached...
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Devoted Heckler

Agreed on the Hood boots and Brother boots.

I want the Innocent Thrall leggings and boots as separate poses and the stockings from Blue Rubble Stockings...it's in the ******** name! scream

Actually, just all stockings. Ever.
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Magic Worshipper

Even though it's not a mod pose, I already want the little glowing lights from the BG of the Royal Commander item, alone, without the roses.
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All the meowst recent dresses. I just want to have more dresses, not all the little sets that go with them I literally don't care about the glasses of the shoes or whevfur else comes with it.
Gold shops haven't gotten any decent updates in forever and we're scraping the barrel here with what there has been, split items and sell them as single poses please.
I'm at the point where I can't justify 30+bil for a single pose on an item, not to mention 499+gc on a single pose on an item.
I just don't want to buy more than I need.
oh god I sound like that STUPID commercial t-t

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I REALLY wish that I could get the dress from Band of Bremen separated from the fur. I love using that fur SO MUCH, but having to rely on shorts that hid the dress cramp my style.
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Perfect Saint

All leg mods with nice heels and stockings should be separate.
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Dangerous Lover

      * ^ * The shoes from the Mooligan + recolors of that. They shape the legs real good and probs would make wearing shorts x 10 better.
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I am the embodiment of fear and evil

I'm with people on the separate eye+mouth mods. Or at least just modify the buck teeth so they layer over all mouths. That would be awesome! emotion_yatta And I'm gonna harp on that until they give into me. twisted

Other than that, there are some legs that I would love without the boots and vice versa. But I'm honestly blanking on any example at the moment. Oh I know, I'd love the pants from La Bella Figura without the sash/belt thing included. Don't get me wrong, it's cute, in fact, I'd love it as a separate pose. But when I just want some plain pants in that pose, I'm left with only the decorated pants.

of the House of Demonic Dreams
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I want the legs of where weeping ends without the pants and shoes and in silence I kill sitting down legs
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Magic Worshipper

The frosty breath from Ivory Baronet without a mouth attached. x.x;;
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I'm thinking as hard as I can, but there are literally no bodymods that I can think of that I would prefer as non-mods. Bodymods are entirely superior in every single case I can think of. lol

Though I suppose if I had to choose I guess I'd like the coat from Take You For A Ride with the hands not in the pockets... if only so I could experiment with other arm mods instead.
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the itty bitty shoes from the "her darkness" items.
they're so small, so perfect. i just want the little
don't own any of those items tho, there's so many
i'm like ehhhh

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