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I don't care about making friends here. I just love playing dress up with my avatar. As long as they keep coming out with items that I like I'll be here for a bit. 3nodding
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the games and my avatar are the reasons im still here
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I like being rich in a virtual community.

Why would I go someplace else just to start over?

Also its something to do other than work, eat, sleep that doesn't cost me too much money when I'm trying to save.
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ive been here so long i work here
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As a 2003 Gaian, I've invested way too much time, energy and a fair amount of RL money on Gaia. But to sum up what keeps me here:

1. Dressing my avatar
2. Friends
3. Anything else
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I always come back for my avatar, games, forums, and questing.
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It was always just friends, for a long time.
However, now it is also questing since I found an item I like.
I generally never ever change my avatar once I like it.

Though I do also like debates, which I find a lot of in GCD and

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The RPs and guilds I'm in.
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this is the only avatar site i allow myself to indulge in emotion_awesome
just started coming back on gaia consistently again for the first time in a few years
stopped for a bit after all my online friends started college and rarely came online anymore, then i started college myself, which extended my hiatus. but now im home for summer after my first year of school and im bored as ever, thus me being back.

i think i came back (and the reason i still popped in every few months during my hiatus) is because it was such a huge part of my life and consumed all my free time back in the day ('06-'09ish i believe) that i still feel loyal to the site

plus i still love all the games and questing items and such
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Pretty pixels
I'm new to here, but it's pretty amazing for me to be quite active in a forum for a few days razz
I like it here mainly because there's endless topics of forums to discuss, literally a lot! It's like a one-stop forum for everything! xd
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Fashionable Gaian

its a fun little website and i love talking to people and getting to meet new people <3

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